Close out projects Sample Clauses

Close out projects. The Contractor shall close out all of the projects and transfer all documents, reports, data and databases, and email communications to the City upon completion of the project in hard and soft copy format. The format for transfer will be agreed upon by all parties at the start of the Contract. All material must be transferred to the City on an organized and indexed hard drive. Final contract payments will be held until full demobilization and material transfer to HRO (or other designated City agency or office), including the closure of all applicable construction permits opened by Contractor and subcontractor under a Task Order. (The City is procuring separate contracts for ground support (e.g., provision of generators and light towers), building demolition, building assessment teams and environmental testing engineers that may be used when the Work involves these services. The City reserves the right to deploy such contractors to provide services in connection with Category 2 Work.)
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