Civil Maintenance Sample Clauses

Civil Maintenance. 5.1 Repair & Maintenance of boundary walls, drains, parking areas and all common facility areas.
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Civil Maintenance. 4.1 Repair & Maintenance of parking areas and all common facility;

Related to Civil Maintenance

  • Emergency Maintenance LightEdge reserves the right to perform emergency Service maintenance as needed outside the Scheduled Maintenance window, in which case LightEdge will make a reasonable effort to notify the Customer if feasible under the circumstances. Any such maintenance will be considered an “Emergency Maintenance”. All Service SLAs will apply during Emergency Maintenance.

  • REPAIRS; MAINTENANCE The Owner hereby gives power to the Agent to supervise repairs, improvements, alterations, and decorations to the Property as well as purchase and pay bills for services and supplies. The Agent shall obtain prior approval of the Owner for all expenditures over $ for any single item. Prior approval for lesser amounts shall not be required for monthly or recurring operating charges or if emergency expenditures over the maximum are, in the Agent’s opinion, needed to protect the Property from damage, prevent injury to persons, avoid suspension of necessary services, avoid penalties or fines, or suspension of services to tenants required by a lease or rental agreement or by law, including, but not limited to, maintaining the Property in a condition fit for human habitation as required by applicable law.

  • Operation and Maintenance 17.1 O&M obligations of the Concessionaire

  • Construction and Maintenance There are on-going maintenance, renovation and construction projects taking place in and around the residences. The work typically takes place during regular business hours, but may begin earlier or extend into evenings or weekends. On-going construction or renovation projects will continue through midterm and final exam periods. The University will take measures to ensure that prudent construction practices are followed, but there may be noise, dust and temporary interruption of some services. Residents may be required to temporarily or permanently relocate to facilitate construction or renovation to their residence area. There will be no compensation or reduction to your residence fees due to disruption and/or relocation.

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