Cinema Sample Clauses

Cinema. Cinema media includes but is not restricted to the following:
Cinema. Before the Cinema is used again as a cinema the Landlord covenants to use its reasonable endeavours to install or procure the installation of noise attenuation measures in order to ensure that no noise can be heard outside the Cinema building and/or on the Property and/or inside any buildings forming part of the Property.
Cinema. The costs for the organisation of film exhibitions and festivals shall be agreed upon by the two Parties, case by case, according to the financial availabilities and the conditions more convenient for both Parties.
Cinema. A. Both Parties, through the Instituto do Cinema, Audiovisual e Multimedia (ICAM) and Korean Film Council (KOFIC), shall endeavour to sign a Protocol in the Film area, which might include preparatory studies regarding the possibility of a co- production and/or distribution agreement.
Cinema. 1.4 Both Parties shall favour co-production initiatives between their public and private organizations through common projects of promotion and co-production; the exchange of artists; the participation in festivals, celebrations, workshops and international major cultural events, in order to increase the value of the cinema of both countries (see Annex II D).
Cinema. 13.1. The Parties express their satisfaction for the signature, on April 3rd 2006 in Ankara, of the Agreement on Film Co-Productions”.
Cinema. 82. Please indicate the estimated overall amount of the audiovisual industry sector for 2015. What are (if any) the financial support systems in place for the audiovisual sector (including cinema)?

Related to Cinema

  • Sports related devices, services and medications used to affect performance primarily in sports- related activities; all expenses related to physical conditioning programs such as athletic training, bodybuilding, exercise, fitness, flexibility, and diversion or general motivation.

  • Games The Private Party shall not be entitled to introduce any arcade type amusement or gaming machines into the Restaurant Facility without the prior written approval of SANParks.

  • Synchronization The Licensor hereby grants limited synchronization rights for One (1) music video streamed online (Youtube, Vimeo, etc..) for up to 500,000 non-monetized video streams on all total sites. A separate synchronisation license will need to be purchased for distribution of video to Television, Film or Video game.

  • Mission COMMISSION in partnership with others, strengthens families, communities, and systems of services and supports so that all children in

  • Telemedicine Services This plan covers clinically appropriate telemedicine services when the service is provided via remote access through an on-line service or other interactive audio and video telecommunications system in accordance with R.I. General Law § 27-81-1. Clinically appropriate telemedicine services may be obtained from a network provider, and from our designated telemedicine service provider. When you seek telemedicine services from our designated telemedicine service provider, the amount you pay is listed in the Summary of Medical Benefits. When you receive a covered healthcare service from a network provider via remote access, the amount you pay depends on the covered healthcare service you receive, as indicated in the Summary of Medical Benefits. For information about telemedicine services, our designated telemedicine service provider, and how to access telemedicine services, please visit our website or contact our Customer Service Department.

  • Digital Health The HSP agrees to:

  • Host A host where SSH server is activated. Note: The host name in the General tab should be set relatively to the SSH server which provided by your database hosting company. Port A port where SSH server is activated, by default it is 22. User Name

  • Video This restriction includes, but is not limited to, use of the Beat and/or New Song in television, commercials, film/movies, theatrical works, video games, and in any other form on the Internet which is not expressly permitted herein.

  • Vlastnictví Zdravotnické zařízení si ponechá a bude uchovávat Zdravotní záznamy. Zdravotnické zařízení a Zkoušející převedou na Zadavatele veškerá svá práva, nároky a tituly, včetně práv duševního vlastnictví k Důvěrným informacím (ve smyslu níže uvedeném) a k jakýmkoli jiným Studijním datům a údajům.

  • Network Management 60.1 CLEC and CenturyLink will exchange appropriate information (e.g., network information, maintenance contact numbers, escalation procedures, and information required to comply with requirements of law enforcement and national security agencies) for network management purposes. In addition, the Parties will apply sound network management principles to alleviate or to prevent traffic congestion and to minimize fraud associated with third number billed calls, calling card calls, and other services related to this Agreement.