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Changes I N Law 

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  • Changes, etc Neither this Deed of Trust nor any term hereof may be changed, waived, discharged or terminated orally, or by any action or inaction, but only by an instrument in writing signed by Collateral Agent or Grantor, as the case may be, against which enforcement of the change, waiver, discharge or termination is sought. The modification hereof or of any of the Notes or the release of any part of the Property from the lien hereof shall not impair the priority of the lien of this Deed of Trust.

  • Changes, Waivers, Etc Neither this Agreement nor any provision hereof may be changed, waived, discharged or terminated orally, but only by a statement in writing signed by the party against which enforcement of the change, waiver, discharge or termination is sought.

  • Changes; Amendments This Agreement may be changed or amended only by written instrument signed by both parties.

  • CHANGES AND AMENDMENTS A. Any alterations, additions, or deletions to the terms of this Agreement, which are required by changes in federal or state law or by regulations, are automatically incorporated without written amendment hereto, and shall become effective on the date designated by such law or by regulation.

  • Amendments - Changes/Extra Work The Subrecipient shall make no changes to this Contract without the County’s written consent. In the event that there are new or unforeseen requirements, the County has the discretion with the Subrecipient’s concurrence, to make changes at any time without changing the scope or price of the Contract.‌ If County-initiated changes or changes in laws or government regulations affect price, the Subrecipient’s ability to deliver services, or the project schedule, the Subrecipient will give County written notice no later ten (10) days from the date the law or regulation went into effect or the date the change was proposed and Subrecipient was notified of the change. Such changes shall be agreed to in writing and incorporated into a Contract amendment. Said amendment shall be issued by the County-assigned Contract Administrator, shall require the mutual consent of all Parties, and may be subject to approval by the County Board of Supervisors. Nothing herein shall prohibit the Subrecipient from proceeding with the work as originally set forth or as previously amended in this Contract.

  • Principles of Construction All references to sections and schedules are to sections and schedules in or to this Agreement unless otherwise specified. All uses of the word “including” shall mean “including, without limitation” unless the context shall indicate otherwise. Unless otherwise specified, the words “hereof,” “herein” and “hereunder” and words of similar import when used in this Agreement shall refer to this Agreement as a whole and not to any particular provision of this Agreement. Unless otherwise specified, all meanings attributed to defined terms herein shall be equally applicable to both the singular and plural forms of the terms so defined.

  • Implementation of Changes If Tenant: (i) approves in writing the cost or savings and the estimated extension in the time for completion of Landlord’s Work, if any, and (ii) deposits with Landlord any Excess TI Costs required in connection with such Change, Landlord shall cause the approved Change to be instituted. Notwithstanding any approval or disapproval by Tenant of any estimate of the delay caused by such proposed Change, the TI Architect’s determination of the amount of Tenant Delay in connection with such Change shall be final and binding on Landlord and Tenant.

  • Certain Matters of Construction The terms “herein,” “hereof,” “hereunder” and other words of similar import refer to this Agreement as a whole and not to any particular section, paragraph or subdivision. Any pronoun used shall be deemed to cover all genders. In the computation of periods of time from a specified date to a later specified date, “from” means “from and including,” and “to” and “until” each mean “to but excluding.” The terms “including” and “include” shall mean “including, without limitation” and, for purposes of each Loan Document, the parties agree that the rule of ejusdem generis shall not be applicable to limit any provision. Section titles appear as a matter of convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation of any Loan Document. All references to (a) laws or statutes include all related rules, regulations, interpretations, amendments and successor provisions; (b) any document, instrument or agreement include any amendments, waivers and other modifications, extensions or renewals (to the extent permitted by the Loan Documents); (c) any section mean, unless the context otherwise requires, a section of this Agreement; (d) any exhibits or schedules mean, unless the context otherwise requires, exhibits and schedules attached hereto, which are hereby incorporated by reference; (e) any Person include successors and assigns; (f) time of day mean time of day at Agent’s notice address under Section 14.3.1; or (g) discretion of Agent, Issuing Bank or any Lender mean the sole and absolute discretion of such Person. All calculations of Value, fundings of Loans, issuances of Letters of Credit and payments of Obligations shall be in Dollars and, unless the context otherwise requires, all determinations (including calculations of Borrowing Base and financial covenants) made from time to time under the Loan Documents shall be made in light of the circumstances existing at such time. Borrowing Base calculations shall be consistent with historical methods of valuation and calculation, and otherwise satisfactory to Agent (and not necessarily calculated in accordance with GAAP). Borrowers shall have the burden of establishing any alleged negligence, misconduct or lack of good faith by Agent, Issuing Bank or any Lender under any Loan Documents. No provision of any Loan Documents shall be construed against any party by reason of such party having, or being deemed to have, drafted the provision. Whenever the phrase “to the best of Borrowers’ knowledge” or words of similar import are used in any Loan Documents, it means actual knowledge of a Senior Officer, or knowledge that a Senior Officer would have obtained if he or she had engaged in good faith and diligent performance of his or her duties, including reasonably specific inquiries of employees or agents and a good faith attempt to ascertain the matter to which such phrase relates.

  • Certain Rules of Construction No party shall be considered as being responsible for the drafting of this Agreement for the purpose of applying any rule construing ambiguities against the drafter or otherwise. No draft of this Agreement shall be taken into account in construing this Agreement. Any provision of this Agreement which requires an agreement in writing shall be deemed to require that the writing in question be signed by the Executive and an authorized representative of the Company.

  • Interpretation; Rules of Construction When a reference is made in this Agreement to Exhibits, Sections or Articles, such reference shall be to an Exhibit to, Section of or Article of this Agreement, respectively, unless otherwise indicated. The words “include”, “includes” and “including” when used herein shall be deemed in each case to be followed by the words “without limitation”. The headings contained in this Agreement are for reference purposes only and shall not affect in any way the meaning or interpretation of this Agreement. The parties hereto agree that they have been represented by legal counsel during the negotiation and execution of this Agreement and, therefore, waive the application of any law, regulation, holding or rule of construction providing that ambiguities in an agreement or other document shall be construed against the party drafting such agreement or document.