Amend Sample Clauses

Amend. Amend this Agreement, together with a statement that the purpose of the amendment is one or more of the following:
Amend. 16.01 Employees of the bargaining unit shall be entitled to an annual vacation with pay on the following basis:
Amend. AND.WAIV.SEC 2.09(a)................FIXED.RATE 5.12............

Related to Amend

  • Supplement Any term contained in the Supplement shall supercede any conflicting term contained herein.

  • Power to Amend (A) Subject to Section 11.6, the Employer, through its Board of Directors, shall have the power to amend the Plan in any manner which it deems desirable, including, but not by way of limitation, the right to change or modify the method of allocation of contributions, to change any provision relating to the distribution of payment, or both, of any of the assets of the Trust Fund. Further, the Employer may (i) change the choice of options in the Adoption Agreement; (ii) add overriding language in the Adoption Agreement when such language is necessary to satisfy Section 415 or Section 416 of the Code because of the required aggregation of multiple plans; and (iii) add certain model amendments published by the IRS which specifically provide that their adoption will not cause the Plan to be treated as individually designed. An Employer that amends the Plan for any other reason, will be considered to have an individually designed plan. Any amendment shall become effective upon the vote of the Board of Directors of the Employer, unless such vote of the Board of Directors of the Employer specifies the effective date of the amendment. Such effective date of the amendment may be made retroactive to the vote of the Board of Directors, to the extent permitted by law.

  • Amendments in Writing None of the terms or provisions of this Agreement may be waived, amended, supplemented or otherwise modified except in accordance with Section 10.1 of the Credit Agreement.

  • Repeal If the enabling legislation which provides for appointment of a referee is repealed (and no successor statute is enacted), any dispute between the parties that would otherwise be determined by reference procedure will be resolved and determined by arbitration. The arbitration will be conducted by a retired judge or justice, in accordance with the California Arbitration Act §1280 through §1294.2 of the CCP as amended from time to time. The limitations with respect to discovery set forth above shall apply to any such arbitration proceeding.

  • Amendments to be in Writing This contract may be modified or amended only by a writing duly authorized and executed by the Superintendent and the Board.

  • RIGHT TO AMEND This Agreement may only be amended through written consent of the Parties.

  • Amendment This Agreement may only be amended by a written instrument executed by each of the parties hereto.

  • Right to Modify BNYM may alter, modify or change the Licensed System or any component, code, language, function, format, design, architecture, security measure or other element of whatsoever nature of the Licensed System and implement such alterations, modifications and changes into the Documentation and/or the Licensed System as Updates or Upgrades applicable to Company’s continued use of the Licensed System after such implementation; provided, however, at no time shall this section be interpreted in such a manner as to allow BNYM by such alterations, modifications or changes to alter the License granted by Section 2.1 or modify any other service obligation of BNYM under this Agreement.

  • Falls Far Below Standard  Upon further review following a preliminary Pending rating, the Commission identifies significant financial risk and has concerns about financial viability such that heightened monitoring and/or intervention are necessary. 2.b.

  • Amendments or Supplements Without Consent of Holders Notwithstanding Section 902 hereof, without the consent of any Holder, the Company, any Subsidiary Guarantor (with respect to a Subsidiary Guarantee or this Indenture to which it is a party), and the Trustee, at any time and from time to time, may amend or supplement this Indenture, any Subsidiary Guarantee or the Notes, in form satisfactory to the Trustee, for any of the following purposes: