Black Sample Clauses

Black. All persons having origins in any of the Black racial groups in Africa.
Black faced Spoonbill is classified as “endangered” by IUCN (BirdLife International 2000), and is a Class II Protected Animal in China (Xxxx 1998). This species is known to forage on intertidal mudflats, and have been recorded on the mudflats of Outer Deep Bay (WWF-HK 2001a). Surveys for Black-faced Spoonbills were carried out between November 2001 and May 2002 by scanning the intertidal zone during low tide. Numbers of Black-faced Spoonbills at each of Xxxx Xxx Shek, Xxxx Xxx Sha and Xxxxxx Xxx Xxx were recorded. Relative abundance of Black-faced Spoonbills at each location was expressed in number of birds per survey.
Black. The foregoing is hereby agreed to by the undersixxxx xx xx xxx 6th day of November, 1997. HOLLINGER INC. By: _______________________________ Vice-Presxxxxx xxx Secretary
Black. The liability of the Purchaser for the breach of the representations and warranties of the Purchaser set forth in Article IV hereof shall be limited to claims for which the Sellers shall deliver written notice to the Purchaser on or before the second anniversary date of the Effective Date.
Black. ENLIGHTENED LEMON (Low Calorie): An inspired blend of black teas and juicy lemon, capped with the pleasant surprise of sweet, tropical starfruit. Lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar. ORGANIC ICED TEA (Low Calorie): A classic blend of artfully brewed, organic black teas from Assam, South India and Africa, lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar.
Black. MANGO: High-grown black teas from Ceylon and India, brewed to perfection and infused with delicious mango and other tropical flavors. Sweetened with organic cane sugar.

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  • Millwright In the case of a job site located outside a millwright’s region of residence, the employer may assign a millwright holding a journeyman competency certificate or an apprentice competency certificate anywhere in Quebec, provided the millwright has worked 1,500 or more hours for the employer in the construction industry in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada during the first 24 months of the 26 months preceding the issuance or renewal of his competency certificate, as follows:

  • Shoes All uniformed staff shall be provided with 2 pairs of shoes annually, replaceable on a normal wear and tear basis.

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  • Destination CSU-Pueblo scholarship This articulation transfer agreement replaces all previous agreements between FRCC and CSU-Pueblo in Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. This agreement will be reviewed annually and revised (if necessary) as mutually agreed.

  • Sarnia-Lambton The full-time Nurse(s) assigned to a team will have first priority for RN work assignment within the team. Continuity of care for the patients shall be considered when determining patient assignments. The primary Nurse for a patient may be a full-time Nurse or a part-time Nurse. In all cases where there is work, which cannot be done by the full-time Nurse, the work shall be assigned to other Nurses in the following order:

  • UNION XXXXXXX 9:01 The Union may appoint and the Employer shall recognize a Xxxxxxx for each shop, job or area. The Employer's General Manager shall be notified in writing of the name of the Xxxxxxx when the appointment becomes effective. The Xxxxxxx shall be recognized as the representative of the Union for the shop, job or area in which he/she is working and no discrimination shall be shown against the Xxxxxxx for carrying out his/her Union duties. The Xxxxxxx shall not be laid off, transferred or discharged by reason of executing his/her Union duties and responsibilities as a Xxxxxxx. To be eligible for appointment as a Xxxxxxx, the employee must have been in the employ of the Company for 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the appointment.

  • Footwear Where an employee is required by the College or by legislation, in order to perform his/her duties, to acquire and wear protective footwear, the employee shall provide the College with proof of purchase by March 1 each year and the College shall reimburse such employee, on the first pay day in April in each year, up to a maximum of one hundred and fifty dollar ($150.00). In situations other than the foregoing, the College may, in its discretion, (which discretion shall not be unreasonably exercised) reimburse such expense where it is recommended by the health and safety committee constituted under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Generelt A. Apple-programvaren, og eventuell tredjeparts programvare, dokumentasjon, grensesnitt, innhold, fonter og alle data som følger med denne lisensen, uansett om materialet befinner seg i ROM, på et hvilket som helst annet medium eller i en hvilken som helst annen form (samlet kalt «Apple- programvaren»), er lisensiert, ikke solgt, til deg av Apple Inc. («Apple») og må kun brukes i samsvar med vilkårene i denne lisensen. Apple og/eller Apples lisensgivere beholder eierskapet til Apple-programvaren og forbeholder seg alle rettigheter som ikke uttrykkelig overføres til deg.

  • Games The Private Party shall not be entitled to introduce any arcade type amusement or gaming machines into the Restaurant Facility without the prior written approval of SANParks.

  • SHOP XXXXXXX (a) The Union may elect or appoint a Shop Xxxxxxx or Shop Stewards to represent the employees and the Union shall notify the Company as to the name or names of such Shop Xxxxxxx or Shop Stewards. The Company agrees that no Shop Xxxxxxx shall suffer any discrimination by reason of holding such office.