Billing System Sample Clauses

Billing System. Licensee’s Billing System must be tested, analyzed and approved by Licensor prior to being used in the Game. If the Licensee’s Billing System is considered suitable for the Game by Licensor, such Billing System shall be applied to the Game. If Licensee’s Billing System has unavoidable or other serious technical conflicts against the Game and may cause serious problem for the Game service, Licensee shall agree to use a Billing System recommended by Licensor for the purpose to mutually manage the local billing transparently. Upon Licensee’s request, Licensor shall send its billing account manager to synchronize Billing System with the Game and incurring expense for this procedure shall be borne by Licensor. Licensee shall approve the real-time access of Licensor to the Billing System under this Agreement.
Billing System. None Data to be provided by seller in unencrypted text files suitable for import into InReach billing system.
Billing System. The billing system for the Business comply with all Medicare requirements and is capable of fully functional operation, which means that the billing system is capable of, but not limited to, the performance of the following:
Billing System. As between DIRECTV and TIVO, TIVO shall be responsible for billing and remittance processing activities relating to the sale of the TIVO Service to DIRECTV/TIVO Subscribers. DIRECTV shall be responsible for billing and remittance processing activities relating to the sale of the DIRECTV Service to DIRECTV/TIVO Subscribers. The Parties shall work together in good faith to determine whether joint billing of DIRECTV/TIVO Subscribers for the TIVO Service and the DIRECTV Service is desired and feasible and, if so, to coordinate such billing activities.
Billing System. Seller agrees to lease to Buyer, for such period of -------------- time following Closing as Seller shall maintain its current computers and billing system, that portion of Seller's computer terminals physically located at the Center and a portion of Seller's hard drive for the purpose of permitting Buyer to xxxx for services rendered by Buyer at the Center on or after Closing; provided that Buyer shall be obligated to modify, at Buyer's sole cost, as of the Closing Date, Seller's computer system to allow Buyer to xxxx for services rendered by Buyer at the Center using Buyer's personnel physically present at the Center; and provided further that Seller shall have no obligation to maintain, retain or repair its current computers or computer billing system, including the portion thereof leased to Buyer hereunder. In return for the lease of Seller's terminals and hard drive to Buyer as specified in this Section 1.12, Buyer shall, from time to time, within ten (10) days of written notice from Seller, pay Seller a prorata portion of Seller's costs and expenses to operate and maintain Seller's computer billing system. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Buyer may at any time, at Buyer's sole cost, install Buyer's own computer billing system, in which event Buyer shall return to Seller all computer terminals and hard drives of Seller otherwise leased to Buyer and Buyer shall no longer be responsible to reimburse Seller for Buyer's prorata share of Seller's costs and expenses of maintaining its computer billing system.
Billing System. The Manager shall assist in the development and implementation of a billing system and associated procedures capable of processing service requests from both interexchange carriers and end user customers for the Network, which billing system and procedures shall comply with applicable regulations, if any.
Billing System. The Town will xxxx charges for the service through the utility billing system. Contractor shall provide a single xxxx to the Town based on a per account basis for service, which the Town will use to xxxx through the utility billing system.  Promotion and Education. Contractor shall work with the Town to provide service- oriented information to customers and for developing and executing public education to encourage waste reduction and diversion. Specifically, prior to January 1, 2021, Contractor shall provide a one page color flyer to be mailed to each customer. This flyer, subject to Town approval, will inform Town residents of the specifics of the trash and recyclables collection program, including a collection schedule, a complete list of prices and services offered to each customer, a listing of what materials can go into the recyclable materials cart, instructions on the proper handling of the collection carts, instructions on what customers are to do with trash that does not fit into the collection carts, etc.
Billing System. (a) Provided the Lender Consent has been given, and subject to a delay in the transfer of any Billing System Agreement as contemplated in Sections 4.4.4(b) and (c), at Closing, the VS General Partner and Buyer shall cause the Partnership to sell, transfer, assign and convey all of the right, title and interest of the Partnership in and to the Billing System to Seller or its designated Affiliate, and Seller shall assume all obligations and liabilities of the Partnership with respect to the Billing System as of and after the Closing Date. During the Transition Period, Seller and its Affiliates will utilize the Billing System to provide the Partnership billing related services as required under the Transition Services Agreement.
Billing System. Contractor will notify OSFM Regional Teams Operations Manager at (000) 000-0000, ext. 238 within 24 hours of a hazardous materials emergency response. An OSFM incident number will be assigned to the response at that time. Contractor shall leave a voice-mail message if notification is made after business hours. Contractor call will be returned the next business day. Contractor will provide an estimate of team emergency response costs to the OSFM within 10 working days of the response. An expenditure report and invoice shall be submitted to the OSFM within 30 days of the response. Contractor claim for reimbursement shall be on OSFM approved forms and shall contain such documentation as is necessary to support OSFM cost-recovery operations and financial audits. The State shall xxxx the responsible party or parties within 30 days of receipt of Contractor invoice. The OSFM agrees to xxxx responsible parties for team emergency response costs and may xxxx for the total emergency response costs. Team emergency response costs include such items as vehicle and equipment use, expendables, and personnel costs. Normally Contractor team emergency response costs shall be collected by the OSFM from the responsible party or parties before payment is made to the Contractor. Where payment has not been received by the OSFM within 30 days after the second billing to the responsible party or parties, then the Contractor approved team emergency response costs shall be paid to the Contractor from the State Spill Response Fund. In no case shall the OSFM payment to the Contractor exceed 63 days after receipt of the Contractor invoice by OSFM, provided responsible party information supplied by the Contractor is correct to the best of the Contractor knowledge or belief.
Billing System. Tenant agrees to pay Rent to Landlord through an account Tenant establishes with Landlord’s billing system, such as AppFolio or another system designated by Landlord, which will be opened and established by Tenant prior to the Commencement Date. In the event the billing system is unavailable, Tenant must make payment of Rent to Landlord through alternative means, such as via personal check, and Tenant shall remain absolutely and fully responsible for complying with all of the terms and conditions of this Lease.