Payment and Billing Sample Clauses

Payment and Billing. 9.6.1 Within fourteen (14) Days after the last Day of each Month, JPS shall prepare and deliver to the Company a statement reflecting all amounts payable to each Party by the other Party in Dollars pursuant to this Agreement (each, a “Statement”). The Statement shall include calculations, in reasonable detail, of such amounts owed to the Company for Fixed Payments and Variable Payments (if any) and amounts owed to JPS, including for liquidated damages, in accordance with this Agreement and the procedures determined by the Operating Committee. The Statement shall be accompanied by any payment owed to the Company.
Payment and Billing. The rates and charges for the Services shall be as set forth above. Additional billing policies are set out in Attachment B to this Agreement. Customer is responsible financially for all set up costs, including any costs associated with running cabling from the curb to customer’s building. Any applicable sales, use, excise, or other taxes, fees or regulatory costs, or charges imposed on you or SRC as a result of providing the Services will be added to the charges for the Service as permitted or required by law. You will be invoiced monthly for usage of the Services and for any other services utilized by you or other users of your account, which are billed for by SRC in connection with the Services. You agree to pay all applicable rates and charges for the Services, including, without limitations, any applicable fees and taxes, by the due date set forth in your billing statement, and to pay any interest or late fees incurred for late payment. Delinquent accounts may be suspended or cancelled at SRC's sole discretion; however, charges will continue to accrue until the account is cancelled. SRC may bill an additional charge to reinstate a suspended account.
Payment and Billing. 14.1 Client agrees to pay FIS for the Services as set forth in the Attachment 1, promptly upon receipt of invoices prepared and delivered to Client. All processing fees shall be payable on the first day of each month, for Services to be rendered during that month. Any pass-through costs or fees shall be reflected in the next monthly invoice. Laser printer usage fees, for the FIS printers in place on the Effective Date will be the responsibility of FIS. Laser printer usage fees for any new printers implemented after the Effective Date will be mutually agreed upon by the parties and memorialized in an amendment to this Agreement.
Payment and Billing. 8.1 The payment method and due date shall be agreed upon in relation to each purchase order from TR or the individual agreement entered into by and between the parties.
Payment and Billing. (a) The CONTRACTOR shall supply all goods required by each purchase order, but, in no event, shall the CONTRACTOR be paid more than the compensation amount stated within each purchase order consistent with the provisions of Exhibit “A.”
Payment and Billing. (a) Customer is responsible for payment of all charges for Service furnished to Customer, its agents, or End Users. Monthly recurring charges for Service components are billed in advance of Service and reflect the rates in effect as of the date of the invoice. Monthly recurring charges continue to accrue during any suspension of Service until Service is disconnected. For the purpose of computing partial-month charges, a month is considered to consist of 30 days. AT&T Long Distance will xxxx calls in whole minute increments, unless otherwise stated in the Service description of Customer’s calling plan. Partial minutes are rounded up to the next whole minute. If the charge for a call includes a fraction of a cent of $.005 or more, the fraction of such charge is rounded up to the next higher whole cent. Otherwise, the charge is rounded down to the next lower whole cent. Rounding for charges for Service(s) is on a call-by-call basis.
Payment and Billing. 9.3.1. (a) Within five (5) Days after the end of each Month, both Parties shall prepare and deliver to each other an invoice reflecting amounts payable to each Party by the other Party pursuant to this Agreement. For the purposes of this Clause 9 the invoice prepared by JPS in Jamaican Dollars shall be reflected in Dollars by applying the Billing Exchange Rate. The Company’s invoice to JPS shall include calculations, in reasonable detail, of such amounts expressed in Dollars due to the Company for the Energy Price. JPS’ invoice to the Company shall include calculations in reasonable detail of such amounts owed to JPS pursuant to Clause 2.2. Subject to JPS’ right to set-off any sum owing to JPS by the Company, JPS shall pay the sums owed to the Company by direct deposit in immediately available funds within [number of days (number)] Days of the [number of days (number)] day after the end of the Month. In the event that a payment is to be made by the Company to JPS, it shall be made in immediately available funds within [number of days (number)] Days of the [number of days (number)] day after the end of the Month.
Payment and Billing. 9.1 We will issue a xxxx to you at the Supply Address, unless you nominate another address.