Best Available Control Technology Sample Clauses

Best Available Control Technology. Certain equipment, materials and processes which can be reasonably employed at the Facility to limit adverse environmental effects.

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Unbundled Copper Loop – Designed (UCL-D) The UCL-D will be provisioned as a dry copper twisted pair loop that is unencumbered by any intervening equipment (e.g., filters, load coils, range extenders, digital loop carrier, or repeaters). The UCL-D will be offered in two versions - Short and Long.
Know-How Necessary for the Business The Intellectual Property Rights are all those necessary for the operation of the Company’s businesses as it is currently conducted or contemplated to be conducted. The Company is the owner of all right, title, and interest in and to each of the Intellectual Property Rights, free and clear of all liens, security interests, charges, encumbrances, equities, and other adverse claims, and has the right to use all of the Intellectual Property Rights. To the Company’s knowledge, no employee of the Company has entered into any contract that restricts or limits in any way the scope or type of work in which the employee may be engaged or requires the employee to transfer, assign, or disclose information concerning his work to anyone other than of the Company.
Background Technology List here prior contracts to assign Inventions that are now in existence between any other person or entity and you. [ ] List here previous Inventions which you desire to have specifically excluded from the operation of this Agreement. Continue on reverse side if necessary.
Unbundled Copper Loop – Non-Designed (UCL-ND The UCL–ND is provisioned as a dedicated 2-wire metallic transmission facility from BellSouth’s Main Distribution Frame to a customer’s premises (including the NID). The UCL-ND will be a “dry copper” facility in that it will not have any intervening equipment such as load coils, repeaters, or digital access main lines (“DAMLs”), and may have up to 6,000 feet of bridged tap between the end user’s premises and the serving wire center. The UCL-ND typically will be 1300 Ohms resistance and in most cases will not exceed 18,000 feet in length, although the UCL-ND will not have a specific length limitation. For loops less than 18,000 feet and with less than 1300 Ohms resistance, the loop will provide a voice grade transmission channel suitable for loop start signaling and the transport of analog voice grade signals. The UCL-ND will not be designed and will not be provisioned with either a DLR or a test point.
Minimum Data Necessary Shared The Provider attests that the Student Data request by the Provider from the LEA in order for the LEA to access the Provider’s products and/or services is limited to the Student Data that is adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary in relation to the K-12 school purposes for which it is processed.
Computational Materials and Structural Term Sheets (a) Not later than 10:30 a.m., New York time, on the business day before the date on which the Current Report relating to the Offered Certificates of a Series is required to be filed by the Company with the Commission pursuant to Section 5(b) hereof, the Underwriter shall deliver to the Company five complete copies of all materials provided by the Underwriter to prospective investors in such Offered Certificates that constitute (i) "Computational Materials" within the meaning of the no-action letter dated May 20, 1994 issued by the Division of Corporation Finance of the Commission to Kidder, Peabody Acceptance Corporation I, Kidder, Peabody & Co. Incorporated, and Kidder Structured Asset Corporation and the no-action letter dated May 27, 1994 issued by the Division of Corporation Finance of the Commission to the Public Securities Association (together, the "Kidder Letters"), the filing of which material is a condition of the relief granted in such letter (such materials being the "Computational Materials"), and (ii) "Structural Term Sheets" within the meaning of the no-action letter dated February 17, 1995 issued by the Division of Corporation Finance of the Commission to the Public Securities Association (the "PSA Letter"), the filing of which material is a condition of the relief granted in such letter (such materials being the "Structural Term Sheets"). Each delivery of Computational Materials and Structural Term Sheets to the Company pursuant to this paragraph (a) shall be effected by delivering four copies of such materials to counsel for the Company on behalf of the Company at the address specified in Section 3 hereof and one copy of such materials to the Company.
Technical Information The Employer agrees to provide to the Union such information that is available relating to employees in the bargaining unit, as may be required by the Union for collective bargaining purposes.
Intellectual Property and Information Technology (a) Section 5.20(a) of the Company Disclosure Schedule contains a true and complete list, as of the date of this Agreement, of all Company Products.
Background IP Each Party shall retain ownership of intellectual property rights existing as of the Effective Date, or developed or acquired independently of the Research Program, and nothing in this Agreement shall assign any ownership to the other Party with respect to such intellectual property rights.
Antivirus software All workstations, laptops and other systems that process and/or store DHCS PHI or PI must install and actively use comprehensive anti-virus software solution with automatic updates scheduled at least daily.