Assistant Sample Clauses

Assistant. Any Assistant Secretary or Assistant Treasurer, respectively, may exercise any of the powers of Secretary or Treasurer, respectively, as provided in these Bylaws or as directed by the Board of Directors, and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board or President.
Assistant. An assistant assignment for the purpose of this Agreement shall fall into one of the following categories: Assistant I -Head Start, EEP, County and Kindergarten; Assistant II - Special Education, Prep and One on One, Gateway, Xxxxxxx Springs, Signing/Braille Interpreters, Assistants assigned to non-Title I Regional Schools, Assistants assigned to the Autism Program, Assistant assigned to a structured learning program;
Assistant. The Company will pay up to $700 per week for Consultant to hire an assistant exclusively for Company matters.
Assistant. A person of full age who assists an HCE, referred to in section 54 of the Regulation.
Assistant. Executive shall be entitled to share a full time dedicated secretary or assistant with Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx or another executive of the Company.
Assistant. Provided that Artist fully performs all of the required services and obligations hereunder, and Artist is not in uncured material breach or default hereof, while Artist is rendering exclusive services required by Company hereunder in connection with the production of the Picture, Company shall furnish Artist with use of an exclusive assistant (which Artist shall have the right to designate) for Artist’s use in connection with Picture-related matters. If Artist elects to use Artist’s regular assistant while Artist is rendering services at a Distant Location, said assistant shall be provided with a fee of Eight Hundred Dollars ($800) per week, crew accommodations, crew level per diem, a rental car and one (1) coach round-trip air transportation in connection with such assistant’s services at such Distant Location. In the event Artist elects not to use Artist’s regular assistant, Company shall have the right to provide Artist with a local assistant, subject to Artist’s reasonable approval. If a local assistant is provided by Company, the salary and perquisites accorded to such local assistant shall be determined by Company in its sole discretion.
Assistant. Xxxxx trained laity from the Recognised Parish Assistant course should make a written agreement with their incumbent or minister as soon as possible after the completion of the course. The agreement should describe:
Assistant. In order to facilitate Consultant’s provision of the Consulting Services, the Company shall make available to Consultant the following:
Assistant. Employee's present assistant, who has, for over five years, worked with the Company, will work for the Company commencing March 1, 1981, at a salary of $1,600.00 per month plus standard Company benefits and benefits parallel with those presently provided at the partnership. The assistant will be responsible for paralegal type work and other responsibilities for employee.
Assistant. Producer shall engage the services of two assistants/associates to Director/Choreographer, who shall be subject to the mutual approval of Director/Choreographer and Producer. The assistant's services shall be engaged on a full time, exclusive basis for both the Pre-Broadway (if applicable) and Broadway productions of the Play, commencing one (1) week prior to the commencement of rehearsals, and as mutually determined needed for auditions and pre-production dance work. It is agreed that the engagement of any assistant shall be subject to Producer's ability to negotiate employment terms for such assistant that are on industry standard terms. For the avoidance of doubt, it is expected that one assistant will be designated as an assistant director and the other an assistant choreographer.