Arrival Sample Clauses

Arrival. Each building principal shall determine the arrival and leaving time of teachers 44 assigned to each school.
Arrival. The checkered flag will be presented to the leading car crossing the finish line as soon as the race time has elapsed (See article 9.1). If for any reason the chequered flag is shown before the scheduled time for the race has elapsed , the race will be deemed to have finished when the leading car crossed the finish line for the last time before the chequered flag was shown. If for any reason the chequered flag is shown late, the race will be deemed to have finished at the scheduled time. After receiving the signal, all drivers must complete one lap of the circuit and take the exit indicated to them by the organizer according to their ranking (podium, parc fermé, etc.). The Race Director may waive this additional lap for drivers crossing the finish line at a very slow pace.
Arrival. Each building principal shall determine the arrival and leaving time of teachers
Arrival. 1. You and all your other team members shall arrive at the relevant Breakout’s premises at least 15 minutes prior to the slot you booked for.
Arrival. The lodger has to present himself on the exact day at the hours mentioned in the present contract. In case of a late or delayed arrival the lodger must contact the owner. The hours of arrival are normally planned between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m for accommodations, and between noon and 10p.m for camping pitches. The hours of departure are normally planned between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m for accommodations and between 9 a.m and 12 a.m for camping pitches.
Arrival. The client must appear on the day and at the times mentioned on the contract. In the event of late or delayed arrival, or due to a last-minute obstacle, the customer must notify the owner at the mobile number mentioned at the bottom of the contract. The customer must also confirm his late or delayed arrival, or his last minute impediment, by sending a message to the same mobile number mentioned at the bottom of the contract. Any overnight stays not consumed due to the customer's delay will be payable. No request for reimbursement can be accepted.
Arrival. You must present yourself on the date specified and at the times mentioned in the present agreement. In the event of a late or postponed arrival, you must notify the proprietor in advance.
Arrival. The Artist shall keep the Organiser informed of their arrival to Stockholm and venue to enable the Organiser to coordinate a convenient time for briefings, set up and other artist related meetings.
Arrival. Travelling to the start of the charter journey is not part of this Agreement. If the charter start date is delayed due to the late arrival of the Charterer or a crew member, this does not entitle a reimbursement or price reduction. The Charterer and its crew hereby declare that they are aware that they are leasing a vessel for boat sports and not for travel within the meaning of the laws and regulations of the travel agency industry.
Arrival. The arrival and dismissal of students presents a potentially dangerous situation. We take every precaution to safeguard your child(ren). However, there is considerable traffic during pick up and drop off times. Our safeguards are dependent to a significant extent upon your cooperation with the rules below. PLEASE read them carefully and obey them. • The traffic flow in the parking lot is one-way. • Private cars arriving to drop off children must enter the parking lot nearest the main school building. • Private cars leaving the parking lot must exit using the access farthest from the main school building. • Do not back-up your car when dropping off students. • Please do not socialize while dropping off students. • Please refrain from using your cell phone during drop off. The school bells ring at 7:40 AM signaling the time a teacher is on duty for student drop off. Do not let your children begin to enter the building until an administrator is on duty in the parking lot. Parents who drop off their children in the morning are asked to make every effort to arrive before 7:50am. Students arriving after 8:00am are considered tardy. Dismissal Afternoon pick-up is at 2:30 PM. We would greatly appreciate your cooperation in promptly picking up your child(ren) at 2:30 PM. Any change in afternoon transportation needs to be communicated to us through a note, phone call or email. In addition, if someone other than a parent is picking up the student, we need to be notified in writing or by phone or email. For the safety of all our students, please be sure there is adequate time before dismissal for us to notify teachers and students of these changes. Students who walk home leave first, followed by bus riders, and then by students being picked up by parents. Parents picking up children in Grades 1-4 must get out of their car and come to the side of the building and wait in front of the cones. Xxxxx siblings are NOT permitted to walk younger siblings to their car at dismissal time. Parents of Kindergarten children are to pick up the children at the Kindergarten. If a student is not picked up on time, they will be dismissed to the After School Program at 2:45pm. An After School fee will be charged to the parents. It will be a minimum of $5.00. Students who are dismissed are welcome to play in the lot and on the playground under the supervision of their parents until 3:15pm. After this time, the lot and playground are needed for the After School Program.