Arrival Sample Clauses

Arrival. 1. You and all your other team members shall arrive at the relevant Breakout’s premises at least 15 minutes prior to the slot you booked for.
Arrival. The client must appear on the day and at the times mentioned on the contract. In the event of late or delayed arrival, or due to a last-minute obstacle, the customer must notify the owner at the mobile number mentioned at the bottom of the contract. The customer must also confirm his late or delayed arrival, or his last minute impediment, by sending a message to the same mobile number mentioned at the bottom of the contract. Any overnight stays not consumed due to the customer's delay will be payable. No request for reimbursement can be accepted.
Arrival. The Artist shall keep the Organiser informed of their arrival to Stockholm and venue to enable the Organiser to coordinate a convenient time for briefings, set up and other artist related meetings.
Arrival. If you are late for your arrival time, please inform the FedEx employee arriving you, of the reason for your delay. This will allow FedEx to track the causes for delays and be proactive in actions needed to improve service. ================================================================================
Arrival. Upon arrival of the Vessel at the Delivery Point, SELLER shall (i) obtain any and all governmental or port authority approval(s) required prior to discharge, and (ii) shall thereafter give a written Notice of Readiness to BUYER and the Terminal Operator at the Delivery Point that the Vessel is ready to discharge the Product, regardless of whether a berth is available for the Vessel at the Delivery Point.
Arrival. 2.3.1 (a) perform or
Arrival. The SHIP REPRESENTATIVE shall cause the SHIP to arrive at the designated Berth in the Port with its Master and full complement of crew for the purposes of the Tall Ships Visitation in accordance with the schedule outlined in Attachment A., including the participation in the Parade of Sail, Thursday, August 1, 2019. SHIP shall arrive on or no more than forty-eight (48) hours before the Arrival Date & Time and to depart the Port no sooner than the Departure Date & Time and no later than forty-eight (48) hours following the Departure Date & Time. After having moored the SHIP, its MASTER will make it ready for public boarding and/or private receptions commencing at 10:00am on Friday, August 2, 2019 as outlined in Attachment A. In the event of complete failure to arrive for the Kenosha Tall Ships® 2019 event, due to weather, breakdown, or circumstances beyond the control of SHIP Representive, all payments shall be promptly refunded to CITY OF KENOSHA. Tall Ships® Kenosha 2019 Ship Appearance Agreement
Arrival. Licensee may live in his/her MIT student family housing unit for thirty (30) days prior to the arrival of his/her family members. At the time of the family members' arrival, HRS must be notified and the family must present the required documentation (photo ID and/or visa) to HRS. If the family members have not taken up occupancy in MIT student family housing within the 30-day period, a two-week notice to vacate will be issued to Licensee, and Licensee will be responsible for house fees until the housing unit is reoccupied. • Changes in Family Status: Licensees must report all changes in your established household to HRS immediately. Failure to do so will be considered a violation of this License Agreement. A change in your household status includes: a family member's or student’s plan to take an extended trip (for personal or academic purposes), a divorce or separation, or a change in the number (i.e. birth of a child) of immediate family members residing in MIT housing. If there is a change in status and Licensee remains eligible for student family housing, a transfer to a more suitable housing unit may be necessary. There is a transfer fee and, in most cases, a waiting period. If there is a change in status and Licensee is no longer eligible for student family housing, Licensee must vacate the unit. Sublicenses With the written approval of HRS, sublicensing is permissible during IAP and the summer months as described on the Sublicense website (xxxx:// Sublicense forms are available online and must be completed by both the Licensee and the Sub-licensee. Failure to notify HRS of any sublicenses will result in the eviction of the Sub-licensee and could result in the loss of campus housing privileges for the Licensee. All sub-licensees must be affiliates of MIT as defined on the MIT sublicense website. • Licensees living in Xxxxxx-Pacific Graduate Residence Hall Quads ("S-P") are NOT permitted to sublicense their housing at any time. Termination of License Agreement (See also section entitled Violation of Terms of License Agreement) • Approved Terminations: Licensee may terminate his/her License Agreement during its term only if Licensee experiences an eligible status change. Eligible status changes include: suspension or withdrawal from MIT, graduation, department-required internship, medical leave, non-resident status and certain changes in family status. In order to terminate his/her License Agreement, Licensee must complete a te...