Arrival Sample Clauses

Arrival. F1. You may arrive from 11am on your arrival date and may use our facilities from that time.
Arrival. GUEST have to arrange own transport. GUEST is requested to inform about their arrival details at least one week prior to arrival.
Arrival. The client must appear on the day and at the times mentioned on the contract. In the event of late or delayed arrival, or due to a last-minute obstacle, the customer must notify the owner at the mobile number mentioned at the bottom of the contract. The customer must also confirm his late or delayed arrival, or his last minute impediment, by sending a message to the same mobile number mentioned at the bottom of the contract. Any overnight stays not consumed due to the customer's delay will be payable. No request for reimbursement can be accepted.
Arrival. The Artist shall keep the Organiser informed of their arrival to Stockholm and venue to enable the Or- ganiser to co-ordinate a convenient time for briefings, set up and other artist related meetings.
Arrival. The Breeding Customer shall arrange, at its expense, for the transportation of the Mare and any foal at side to the facilities of Midwest. The Breeding Customer shall give Midwest at least seven (7) daysnotice of the arrival of the Mare and any such foal.
Arrival. You must present yourself on the date specified and at the time mentioned in the present agreement. In the event of a late or postponed arrival, you must notify the proprietor in advance.
Arrival. The master of the Arriving Vessel shall provide a written notice to the Neptune Port Director of its Arrival at the Deepwater Port. For purposes of this Schedule X, “Arrival” shall mean the time when the Arriving Vessel is ***** nautical miles off the Deepwater Port and waiting to be cleared by the Neptune Port Director (having submitted a request for clearance) to enter the safety zone to moor to the Buoy System and prepare to discharge gas from the Terminal. Execution version re Hull 1689 Commercial Operations may provide a Nominated Discharge Rate to the Arriving Vessel prior to the notice of Readiness to Discharge Gas if it is anticipated that it will be able to discharge gas for a Gas Day for which a nomination would normally be made under Clause 5 of this Schedule X.
Arrival. 6.1 From the Licence start date, any room which remains unoccupied seven days after the start of the Licence Period for that room, will be reallocated to another student unless the prospective Resident has carried out all of the following: • Accepted their Licence Agreement; and • Informed the Accommodation Centre in writing that they will be arriving late and the Accommodation Centre have agreed a new arrival date. The late arrival request form must be submitted on the following website in order to notify the Accommodation Centre:; and • Made part payment of their first instalment of the accommodation fees as agreed by the Accommodation Centre; and • Paid a £250 deposit by cleared funds.
Arrival. 12:35 - 1:25 Lunch