ARITHMETIC Sample Clauses

ARITHMETIC. Pixar shall have control over the selection, acquisition, placement and use of computational resources as provided for in this paragraph 5. a. computational means: all workstations, servers and other computers, network and network equipment, storage systems and other third-party computer equipment and third-party software that Pixar uses to develop and produce the photos or derivative works, with the exception of such equipment and software owned or controlled by Disney (and not funded by Pixar) that pixar uses at Pixar's request to develop or produce the images or derivative works. B. Acquisition and financing of computational resources. Pixar pays fifty percent (50%) and Disney pays fifty percent (50%) of the purchase price of all computational resources referred to in paragraph 7. Pixar (or a production entity founded by Pixar) brings to Disney an undivided fifty percent (50%) interest in all Computational Resources co-financed by Disney immediately following Disney's acquisition and financing of such Computational Resources. The purchase price of Computational Resources is determined after deduction of any discounts or discounts, but before the application of credits granted to Pixar unrelated to the images (e.g. material credits granted to Pixar in connection with the license agreement with Silicon Graphics Inc.). Pixar has the right to try to secure computational funds at less than market costs in exchange for providing one of the following promotional or marketing considerations relating to one or more photos: (i) private screenings of the Picture(s), (ii) allowing the vendor to include the image(s) in its advertisements and marketing material; (iii) in the case of a supplier contributing computational resources or providing equipment credits worth U.S.$[*] or more (at list price), [*] for the use of such computational sources in the image(s) and (iv) in the case of a supplier contributing computational resources or providing equipment credits worth U.S.$[*] or more (at list price), provided [*] of the Image(s) for unchanged use after the first theatrical version of the Image in the [*] , which mention the Image, provided that these [*] do not mention a competing film and are not more than [*] in circulation from the first use [*] Certain information on this page has been omitted and separate the Commission. Confidentiality has


  • Sale Price (a) As consideration for the sale of the CEF Assets pursuant to Section 2.1 hereof, the Purchaser shall pay to the applicable Seller on the Closing Date, the CEF Purchase Price for the CEF Assets sold and transferred by such Seller to the Purchaser on the Closing Date. The CEF Purchase Price for the sale of CEF Assets shall be an amount equal to the fair market value thereof as agreed upon by the Purchaser and the applicable Seller prior to such sale.

  • Rate Quotations The Borrower may call the Administrative Agent on or before the date on which a Loan Request is to be delivered to receive an indication of the rates then in effect, but it is acknowledged that such projection shall not be binding on the Administrative Agent or the Lenders nor affect the rate of interest which thereafter is actually in effect when the election is made.

  • Closing Price Closing Price shall mean the last reported market price for one share of Common Stock, regular way, on the New York Stock Exchange (or any successor exchange or stock market on which such last reported market price is reported) on the day in question. If the exchange is closed on the day on which the Closing Price is to be determined or if there were no sales reported on such date, the Closing Price shall be computed as of the last date preceding such date on which the exchange was open and a sale was reported.

  • Settlement Price For any Valuation Date, the per Share volume-weighted average price as displayed under the heading “Bloomberg VWAP” on Bloomberg page WMGI <equity> AQR (or any successor thereto) in respect of the period from the scheduled opening time of the Exchange to the Scheduled Closing Time on such Valuation Date (or if such volume-weighted average price is unavailable, the market value of one Share on such Valuation Date, as determined by the Calculation Agent). Notwithstanding the foregoing, if (i) any Expiration Date is a Disrupted Day and (ii) the Calculation Agent determines that such Expiration Date shall be an Expiration Date for fewer than the Daily Number of Warrants, as described above, then the Settlement Price for the relevant Valuation Date shall be the volume-weighted average price per Share on such Valuation Date on the Exchange, as determined by the Calculation Agent based on such sources as it deems appropriate using a volume-weighted methodology, for the portion of such Valuation Date for which the Calculation Agent determines there is no Market Disruption Event.

  • Applicable Price (a) Share purchase payments and redemption orders that result from purchase payments, premium payments, surrenders and other transactions under Contracts (collectively, "Contract transactions") and that LIFE COMPANY receives prior to the close of regular trading on the New York Stock Exchange on a Business Day will be executed at the net asset values of the appropriate Funds next computed after receipt by AVIF or its designated agent of the orders. For purposes of this Section 2.3(a), LIFE COMPANY shall be the designated agent of AVIF for receipt of orders relating to Contract transactions on each Business Day and receipt by such designated agent shall constitute receipt by AVIF; provided that AVIF receives notice of such orders by 9:00 a.m. Central Time on the next following Business Day or such later time as computed in accordance with Section 2.1(b) hereof.

  • Measurements and arithmetic conventions All measurements and calculations shall be in the metric system and calculations done to 2 (two) decimal places, with the third digit of 5 (five) or above being rounded up and below 5 (five) being rounded down.

  • Calculation Each of the foregoing ratios and financial requirements shall be calculated as of the last day of each Fiscal Quarter.

  • Yield Calculation The Bank will compute the performance results of the Fund (the "Yield Calculation") in accordance with the provisions of Release No. 33-6753 and Release No. IC-16245 (February 2, 1988) (the "Releases") promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and any subsequent amendments to, published interpretations of or general conventions accepted by the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission with respect to such releases or the subject matter thereof ("Subsequent Staff Positions"), subject to the terms set forth below:

  • Inability to Determine LIBOR Rate In the event that at any time Agent shall determine in the exercise of its good faith business judgment that adequate and reasonable methods do not exist for ascertaining the LIBOR Rate, Agent shall forthwith give notice of such determination (which shall be conclusive and binding on Borrower and Lenders) to Borrower and Lenders. In such event (a) any Loan Request with respect to LIBOR Rate Loans shall be automatically withdrawn and shall be deemed a request for Base Rate Loans and (b) each LIBOR Rate Loan will automatically become a Base Rate Loan at the end of the current Interest Period, and the obligations of Lenders to make LIBOR Rate Loans shall be suspended until Agent determines that the circumstances giving rise to such suspension no longer exist, whereupon Agent shall so notify Borrower and Lenders.

  • Inability to Determine Rate In the event that the Bank shall have --------------------------- determined (which determination shall be conclusive and binding upon the Borrower) that by reason of circumstances affecting the interbank market adequate and reasonable means do not exist for ascertaining the LIBOR Rate for any Interest Period, the Bank shall forthwith give notice to the Borrower. If such notice is given: (1) no Loan may be funded as a LIBOR Loan, (2) any Loan that was to have been or would be converted to a LIBOR Loan shall, subject to the provisions hereof, be continued as a Reference Rate Loan, and (3) any outstanding LIBOR Loan shall be converted, on the last day of the then current Interest Period with respect thereto, to a Reference Rate Loan.