Applicable Class Sample Clauses

Applicable Class. The Class C Shares and the Class S Shares, each as a separate class of common stock of the Company.

Related to Applicable Class

  • SIMPLE Class The Manager will apply an equivalent waiver or reimbursement, in an equal number of basis points waived for Class A Shares.

  • Original Class A Percentage The Original Class A Percentage is 96.99787418%.

  • Original Class B Principal Balance The Original Class B Principal Balance is $9,175,305.90.

  • The Class 1-A, Class 2-A-1, Class 2-A-2A, Class 2-A-2B and Class 2-A-3 Certificates.

  • LIBOR Certificates The Class 1-A-1, Class 2-A-1, Class 2-A-2, Class 2-A-3, Class 2-A-4, Class X-0, Xxxxx X-0, Class M-3, Class M-4, Class M-5, Class M-6, Class M-7, Class M-8, Class B-1, Class B-2, Class B-3 and Class R Certificates. Notional Amount Certificates The Class A-IO-S and Class X Certificates. Offered Certificates All Classes of Certificates other than the Private Certificates. Private Certificates The Class B-3, Class A-IO-S, Class P and Class X Certificates. Physical Certificates The Class A-IO-S, Class P, Class R and Class X Certificates. Rating Agencies Xxxxx’x, S&P, Fitch and DBRS. Regular Certificates All Classes of Certificates other than the Class R and Class A-IO-S Certificates. Residual Certificates The Class R Certificates. Senior Certificates The Class A, Class A-IO and Class R Certificates. Subordinate Certificates The Class M-1, Class M-2, Class M-3, Class M-4, Class M-5, Class M-6, Class M-7, Class M-8, Class B-1, Class B-2, Class B-3 and Class X Certificates.

  • Outstanding Principal Balance Each Receivable has an outstanding principal balance of at least $500.

  • Lower Class Bump the least senior employee in a lower class (or class option) in which the employee previously served (or another class option within that class for which the employee is determined to be qualified by the Employer) more than thirty-five (35) miles of the employee's current work location (employee must be position-qualified if Unit 6).

  • Aggregate Principal Amount Except (i) as provided in this Section and (ii) for Notes authenticated and delivered upon registration of transfer of, or in exchange for, or in lieu of, other Notes pursuant to Section 304, 305, 306, 906 or 1107 of the Base Indenture and except for any Notes which, pursuant to Section 303 of the Base Indenture, are deemed never to have been authenticated and delivered hereunder, the Notes will be limited to an aggregate principal amount of $400,000,000, subject to the right of the Company to reopen such series for issuances of additional Notes having the same terms and conditions as the Notes first issued except for issue date, issue price and, if applicable, the first Interest Payment Date thereon and related interest accrual date.

  • Determination of Pass-Through Rates for LIBOR Certificates (a) On each Interest Determination Date so long as any LIBOR Certificates are outstanding, the Trustee will determine LIBOR on the basis of the British Bankers' Association ("BBA") "

  • REMIC Certificate Maturity Date Solely for purposes of satisfying Section 1.860G-1(a)(4)(iii) of the Treasury Regulations, the "latest possible maturity date" of the regular interests in the Upper-Tier REMIC, Middle-Tier REMIC and Lower-Tier REMIC is October 25, 2035.