Analyze Sample Clauses

Analyze. In the event of any failure to satisfy any of the service levels set forth herein, the Contractor shall promptly perform a root cause analysis to determine the cause of the failure and formulate an appropriate plan to prevent failures in the future. The Contractor shall deliver such plan to the State within ten (10) days of such failure. Based upon the Analysis, the parties will agree as to the responsible party(ies) and implement corrective action and update lessons learned to minimize any future risk of this issue reoccurring.
Analyze monograph holdings of EAST retention partners in the first cohort, identify overlaps, survey circulation activity within EAST, and develop comparisons to holdings elsewhere, in order to propose the commitments to be made by retention partners and establish the set of titles needing validation. Current Status: The Collection Analysis was completed in May with a final retention model for EAST approved by the Executive Committee on June 6th. See #3 below for how the model is being applied to the EAST collective collection. The set of titles needing validation was completed as part of the Validation Sample Study #1 described below.
Analyze. Cause and effect hypothesis is crated. The main root causes and the best practice are recognized. In the same time the defining of requirements is fin- ished.
Analyze together with the auditors, the significant weaknesses of the internal control system detected during the audit;