Ample Opportunity Sample Clauses

Ample Opportunity. The Lender acknowledges that it had an ample opportunity to review this Agreement, to obtain independent legal counsel to review this Agreement, and an election by the Lender not to obtain such legal counsel shall release the Borrower from any prerequisite to require such counsel.
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Ample Opportunity. The Lender had an ample opportunity to review this Agreement and to obtain independent legal counsel to review this Agreement.

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  • Corporate Opportunity During the Employment Period, Executive shall submit to the Board all business, commercial and investment opportunities or offers presented to Executive, or of which Executive becomes aware, at any time during the Employment Period, which opportunities relate to the business of designing, manufacturing, marketing, or selling electromechanical or electronic sensors or controls (“Corporate Opportunities”). During the Employment Period, unless approved by the Board, Executive shall not accept or pursue, directly or indirectly, any Corporate Opportunities on Executive’s own behalf.

  • Interviewing Opportunity A representative of the Union shall be given an opportunity to interview each new employee within regular working hours without loss of pay for a maximum of thirty (30) minutes during the first month of employment for the purpose of acquainting each new employee with the benefits and responsibilities of Union membership. Where possible, such interviewing will take place on a group basis during the orientation program for new employees. The xxxxxxx or representative will provide the new employee with a copy of the Collective Agreement. The Employer will encourage all new employees to attend the interview with the union representative.

  • Corporate Opportunities The Executive agrees that he will not take personal advantage of any business opportunities which arise during his employment with the Company Group and which may be of benefit to the Company Group. All material facts regarding such opportunities must be promptly reported by the Executive to the Board of Trustees for consideration by the Company Group.

  • Freedom to Pursue Opportunities The Parties expressly acknowledge and agree that: (i) Sponsor and each Sponsor Director (and each Affiliate thereof) has the right to, and shall not have any duty (contractual or otherwise) to (and none of the following shall be deemed to be wrongful or improper), (x) directly or indirectly engage in the same or similar business activities or lines of business as the Parent Parties or any of their respective Subsidiaries, including those deemed to be competing with the Parent Parties or any of their respective Subsidiaries, or (y) directly or indirectly do business with any client or customer of the Parent Parties or any of their respective Subsidiaries; and (ii) in the event that Sponsor or a Sponsor Director (or any Affiliate thereof) acquires knowledge of a potential transaction or matter that may be an opportunity for the Parent Parties or any of their respective Subsidiaries and Sponsor or any other Person, Sponsor and such Sponsor Director (and any such Affiliate) shall not have any duty (contractual or otherwise) to communicate or present such opportunity to the Parent Parties or any of their respective Subsidiaries, as the case may be, and, notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement to the contrary, shall not be liable to the Parent Parties, their respective Subsidiaries or their respective Affiliates or equity holders for breach of any duty (contractual or otherwise) by reason of the fact that Sponsor or such Sponsor Director (or such Affiliate thereof), directly or indirectly, pursues or acquires such opportunity for itself, directs such opportunity to another Person, or does not present such opportunity to the Parent Parties or any of their respective Subsidiaries; provided, that any such business, activity or transaction described in this Section 4.14 is not the direct result of Sponsor, its Affiliates or a Sponsor Director using Confidential Information in violation of Section 3.3 hereof. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Section 4.14, any Sponsor Director may be excluded, by the members of the Board who are not Sponsor Directors, from any discussion or vote on matters in accordance with a conflicts of interest policy of the Board that is adopted by the Board in good faith and is applicable to all of the members of the Board.

  • Training Opportunities The requirements of Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, as amended, 12 U.S.C. 1701u ("Section 3"), requiring that to the greatest extent feasible opportunities for training and employment be given to lower income residents of the project area and agreements for work in connection with the project be awarded to business concerns which are located in, or owned in substantial part by persons residing in, the areas of the project. Borrower agrees to include the following language in all subcontracts executed under this Agreement:

  • Bonus Opportunity The Company shall offer each year an incentive bonus compensation plan. Such plan will include an annual bonus target amount equal to at least 50% of the Executive’s annual base salary and shall contain such additional terms as determined by the Chief Executive Officer. The amount of any bonus payable to Executive in any year shall be based upon performance targets established in advance under the bonus plan and Executive’s achievement of such performance criteria.

  • Business Opportunities Executive agrees, while he is employed by the Company, to offer or otherwise make known or available to it, as directed by the Board of Directors of the Company and without additional compensation or consideration, any business prospects, contracts or other business opportunities that Executive may discover, find, develop or otherwise have available to Executive in the Company’s general industry and further agrees that any such prospects, contacts or other business opportunities shall be the property of the Company.

  • Other Business Opportunities The Member and any person or entity affiliated with the Member may engage in or possess an interest in other business opportunities or ventures (unconnected with the Company) of every kind and description, independently or with others, including, without limitation, businesses that may compete with the Company. Neither the Member or any person or entity affiliated with the Member shall be required to present any such business opportunity or venture to the Company, even if the opportunity is of the character that, if presented to the Company, could be taken by it. Neither the Company nor any person or entity affiliated with the Company shall have any rights in or to such business opportunities or ventures or the income or profits derived therefrom by virtue of this Agreement, notwithstanding any duty otherwise existing at law or in equity. The provisions of this Section shall apply to the Member solely in its capacity as member of the Company and shall not be deemed to modify any contract or arrangement, including, without limitation, any noncompete provisions, otherwise agreed to by the Company and the Member.

  • Opportunities During his employment with the Company, and for one year thereafter, Executive shall not take any action which might divert from the Company any opportunity learned about by him during his employment with the Company (including without limitation during the Employment Term) which would be within the scope of any of the businesses then engaged in or planned to be engaged in by the Company.

  • Targeted Advertising Prohibition Operator is prohibited from using or selling Data to (a) market or advertise to students or families/guardians; (b) inform, influence, or enable marketing, advertising, or other commercial efforts by a Operator; (c) develop a profile of a student, family member/guardian or group, for any commercial purpose other than providing the Service to LEA; or