AMC Sample Clauses

AMC. The AMC creates value by reducing life-cycle costs for airborne electronics by promoting reliability and improving maintenance and support techniques through the exchange of maintenance and associated technical information and the development of maintenance-related technical standards.
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AMC. AMC agrees that it (and each of the Theatres) shall at all times during the Term provide LLC, at AMC’s own cost except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, with the following:
AMC. Aegis Mortgage Corporation, a Delaware corporation. Anniversary Year: The one-year period beginning on the Closing Date and ending on the first anniversary thereof, and each subsequent one-year period beginning on the day after the end of the preceding Anniversary Year and ending on next succeeding anniversary of the Closing Date. Appraised Value: With respect to any Mortgage Loan, the amount set forth in an appraisal made in connection with the origination of such Mortgage Loan as to the value of the related Mortgaged Property. Assignment of Mortgage: An assignment of the Mortgage, notice of transfer or equivalent instrument, in recordable form, sufficient under the laws of the jurisdiction wherein the related Mortgaged Property is located to reflect the assignment of the Mortgage to the Indenture Trustee for the benefit of Securityholders, which assignment, notice of transfer or equivalent instrument may be in the form of one or more blanket assignments covering the Mortgage Loans secured by Mortgaged Properties located in the same jurisdiction, if permitted by law; provided, however, that none of the Issuer, the Indenture Trustee or the Custodian shall be responsible for determining whether any such assignment is in recordable form. Authorized Officer: Any Person who may execute an Officer's Certificate on behalf of the Depositor. Available Funds Cap: With respect to any Payment Date, an annual rate equal to (i) (a) 360 divided by (b) the actual number of days in the Accrual Period, multiplied by (ii) (a) (1) the Interest Remittance Amount for such Payment Date, minus (2) any Net Swap Payments paid by the Trust pursuant to the Swap Agreement on such Payment Date, divided by (b) the excess of (1) the total Class Principal Balance of the LIBOR Notes as of the first day of the related Accrual Period over (2) the Total Principal Deficiency Amount immediately preceding such Payment Date. Back-Up Certification: As defined in Section 7.3(d). Balloon Mortgage Loan: Any Mortgage Loan having an original term to maturity that is shorter than its amortization schedule, and a final Scheduled Payment that is disproportionately large in comparison to other Scheduled Payments. Balloon Payment: The final Scheduled Payment in respect of a Balloon Mortgage Loan. Bankruptcy: With respect to any Person, the making of an assignment for the benefit of creditors, the filing of a voluntary petition in bankruptcy, adjudication as a bankrupt or insolvent, the entry of an order fo...
AMC. American Multi-Cinema, Inc., a Missouri corporation. Capital Account: With respect to any Partner, the Capital Account maintained for such Partner in accordance with the following provisions: (i) To each Person's Capital Account there shall be credited the amount of cash and the Gross Asset Value of property contributed to the Partnership, such Person's distributive share of Profits and any items in the nature of income or gain which are specially allocated pursuant to Section 5.3 or Section 5.4 hereof, and the amount of any Debt assumed by such Person or which is secured by any property distributed to such Person. (ii) To each Person's Capital Account there shall be debited the amount of cash and the Gross Asset Value of any property distributed to such Person pursuant to any provision of this Agreement, such Person's distributive share of Losses and any items in the nature of expenses or losses which are specially allocated pursuant to Section 5.3 or Section 5.4 hereof, and the amount of any Debt of such Person assumed by the Company or which is secured by any property contributed by such Person to the Company.
AMC. INSURANCE:Annual Maintenance Contracts, Insurance premium for insurance, if so done, of the Project (except individual units) and/or any Common Areas and also the Parking Spaces or any part thereof against normal degeneration or damages and/or force majeure events including earthquake, damages, fire, lightning, mob, violence, civil commotion (and other risks, if insured).
AMC. Mutual Fund/Trustee will be entitled at all times to (i) appoint other distributors to sell / market the Units of Scheme(s); and (ii) sell Units of Scheme(s) directly to investors.
AMC. Sino-JP and the Company agree that they shall each bear their own respective costs incurred up to the date of obtaining the relevant orders from the Bermuda Court pursuant to the terms of Clause 2(c)(i) hereof in the Petition Action, the First AGM Proceedings and the Second AGM Proceedings and that any costs made in favour of any of the parties to the date of the satisfaction of the Conditions in any of these proceedings shall be waived and that any such costs orders shall be treated as wholly discharged, annulled and of no force or effect.
AMC may cancel the Contract or a part thereof, notifying this to "SATMEX", in writing, at least thirty (30) working days in advance. In such case, the cancellation or termination date shall be referred to a calendar month (last day of the month).