Agreement Framework Sample Clauses

Agreement Framework. 1.01 Purpose. The purpose of this Master Agreement is to establish the general terms and conditions applicable to Exult's provision of human resources services to Unisys and Unisys Affiliates for which Exult and Unisys shall have entered into one or more Service Agreements to this Master Agreement describing the responsibilities and obligations specific to the applicable services, in the case of United States based services in a form substantially similar to the form attached as Schedule P (the "US Service Agreement"), in the case of services based in the United Kingdom and other countries, in forms consistent with this Agreement (the "UK Service Agreement" and Other Service Agreement(s)," respectively) (collectively, the "Service Agreements"). Unisys and Exult intend that the Schedules for each Service Agreement will be in substantially the form of the Schedules for the US Service Agreement. 1.02 Master Agreement. This Master Agreement is intended to serve as a framework for the provision of services under one or more Service Agreements. Exult shall only be obligated to provide those services agreed to under an executed Service Agreement. 1.03 Service Agreements. Unless otherwise agreed by Unisys and Exult, and subject to Section 4.02, below, Exult shall be Unisys provider of, and Unisys shall purchase from Exult, Unisys requirements for the services described in Schedule A to the US Service Agreement and the Other Service Agreements. Unisys and Exult shall enter into one or more Service Agreements covering Unisys service requirements. The Service Agreements shall reference and incorporate this Master Agreement, and the terms and conditions set forth in this Master Agreement shall govern Exult's provision of services under the Service Agreements, except as they may be amended by a Service Agreement in respect of the specific services being provided under such Service Agreement.
Agreement Framework. The purpose of this PPA is to establish general terms and conditions which will be applicable to all the solar rooftop systems installed under this PPA order. JBVNL shall prepare the PPA order with the Developer for the project capacity allocated that will be constructed, operated and maintained by the Developer. The Developer shall complete the work within the time limit and in phased manner as indicated in RFP.
Agreement Framework