Administrative or Judicial Proceeding Sample Clauses

Administrative or Judicial Proceeding. There is no administrative or judicial proceeding pending threatened, against or affecting the Leased Property or the Lessee’s use and occupancy of the Leased Property. No event has occurred, and no condition or circumstance exists, that might directly or indirectly give rise to or serve as a basis for the commencement of any such proceeding.

Related to Administrative or Judicial Proceeding

  • Judicial Proceedings All judicial proceedings brought against Maker arising out of or relating to this Note may be brought in the Federal courts of the United States of America or the courts of the State of New York, in each case, located in Monroe County, New York, and by execution and delivery of this Note, Maker accepts for itself and in connection with its properties, generally and unconditionally, the nonexclusive jurisdiction of the aforesaid courts and waives any defense of forum non conveniens and irrevocably agrees to be bound by any judgment rendered thereby in connection with this Note. Maker hereby agrees that service of all process in any such proceeding in any such court may be made by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, to Maker at its address set forth in Section 3.06, such service being hereby acknowledged by Maker to be sufficient for personal jurisdiction in any action against Maker in any such court and to be otherwise effective and binding service in every respect. Nothing herein shall affect the right to serve process in any other manner permitted by law or shall limit the right of Holder to bring proceedings against Maker in the courts of any other jurisdiction.

  • Judicial Actions Issuance of a notice of Lien, levy, assessment, injunction or attachment against any Borrower’s Inventory or Receivables or against a material portion of any Borrower’s other property which is not stayed or lifted within thirty (30) days;

  • Waivers and Judicial Proceedings 36 10.1 Waivers............................................................................... 36 10.2 Delay; No Waiver of Defaults.......................................................... 36 10.3

  • Criminal Proceedings Any criminal complaint, indictment or criminal proceedings;

  • No Governmental Proceeding or Litigation No suit, action, investigation, inquiry or other proceeding by any governmental body or other person or legal or administrative proceeding shall have been instituted or threatened which questions the validity or legality of the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • Administrative Proceedings With a view to administering in a consistent, impartial, and reasonable manner all measures referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, each Party shall ensure that in its administrative proceedings applying such measures to particular covered investments or investors of the other Party in specific cases:

  • Judicial or Administrative Proceedings CE may terminate the Agreement and this BAA, effective immediately, if (i) BA is named as defendant in a criminal proceeding for a violation of HIPAA, the HITECH Act, the HIPAA Regulations or other security or privacy laws or (ii) a finding or stipulation that the BA has violated any standard or requirement of HIPAA, the HITECH Act, the HIPAA Regulations or other security or privacy laws is made in any administrative or civil proceeding in which the party has been joined.

  • Litigation; Governmental Proceedings There is no action, suit, proceeding, inquiry, arbitration, investigation, litigation or governmental proceeding pending or, to the best of the Company's knowledge, threatened against, or involving the Company or, to the best of the Company's knowledge, any Initial Stockholder which has not been disclosed in the Registration Statement or the Questionnaires.

  • Litigation; Government Proceedings No action, suit or proceeding by or before any court or governmental agency, authority or body or any arbitrator involving the Company, or to the Company’s knowledge, the Sponsor, or any executive officer or director of the Company, or its or their property is pending or, to the knowledge of the Company, threatened that (i) would reasonably be expected to have a material adverse effect on the performance of this Agreement or the consummation of any of the transactions contemplated hereby or (ii) would reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect, except as set forth in or contemplated in the Statutory Prospectus and the Prospectus (exclusive of any supplement thereto).

  • Litigation and Administrative Proceedings Except as disclosed on Schedule 6.04 hereto, as to any of which, individually or in the aggregate, if determined adversely, would not have a Material Adverse Effect, there are (a) no lawsuits, actions, investigations, or other proceedings pending or threatened against any Company, or in respect of which any Company may have any liability, in any court or before any governmental authority, arbitration board, or other tribunal, (b) no orders, writs, injunctions, judgments, or decrees of any court or government agency or instrumentality to which any Company is a party or by which the property or assets of any Company are bound, and (c) no grievances, disputes, or controversies outstanding with any union or other organization of the employees of any Company, or threats of work stoppage, strike, or pending demands for collective bargaining.