Additions Sample Clauses

Additions. The Allottee shall not make any additions or alterations in the Apartment or Building or cause damage to or nuisance in the Apartment or Building or in the Project in any manner. In case any partitions, interiors, false ceilings etc. are installed by the Allottee, then all necessary permissions from the authorities, if required, will be obtained by the Allottee directly at his own cost. In any case the Allottee shall not be entitled to carry out any structural changes in the Building and Apartment. Co-operation The Allottee shall at all times co-operate with the other allottees/occupiers of the Units in the management and maintenance of the Apartment and the Building and the Project.
Additions. In the event that Customer has Equipment and Software that is under a Support Plan and Customer acquires additional equipment and software, for an additional charge such equipment and software shall automatically be placed on that Support Plan at the end of any applicable warranty period for such equipment and software, unless Customer notifies Kodak otherwise at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the warranty. In such cases, the end of the warranty shall be considered the Support Commencement Date.
Additions. It is anticipated that Authorized Users may add Options above and beyond that which are required by the Base Specifications for the Item involved. Contractor shall be required to honor all such additions. When an Option is being added, the Contractor must give the Authorized User proof of the MSRP of the Option, as shown in the PC Car Book. If the Option is not in the PC Car Book, the Contractor must provide documentation showing the MSRP for the Option. Any addition must clearly show on invoice and clearly show the MSRP price, the application of the percent discount for Options and the resultant contract price.
Additions. There shall be added to such net income or subtracted from such loss (1) the amount charged for depreciation, amortization or any other deduction not involving a cash expenditure, (2) the amount of Capital Contributions to the Company pursuant to (A) Section 4.5(d)(ii) and (B) Section 4.5(d)(iv), (3) the proceeds of short-term borrowings of the Company in the ordinary course of business (including Member Loans) and interest received on non-cash consideration received by the Company pursuant to a Major Capital Event, (4) any amount by which cash reserves, which were previously established pursuant to the Operating Cash Budget prior to the accounting period in order to retain sufficient working capital in the Company or to properly reserve for actual or contingent obligations of the Company or improvements to the Property, have been reduced (other than through the payment of expenses) and (5) the proceeds of business interruption insurance.
Additions. This contract is complete and no additions, alterations, or modifica­ tions shall occur during its life unless voluntarily and mutually agreed to by the parties except as provided herein.
Additions. It is anticipated that Authorized Users may add Options above and beyond that which have been required by the Base Item specifications, or are available on the associated Optional Equipment list for the applicable Item. Contractor shall be required to honor all such additions, provided that the Additional Options are offered in the Contractor’s normal course of business, and addition of such options does not result in a School Bus that does not comply with all governmental regulations as they apply to the operation of the School Bus.
Additions. In the event that Producer considers additions to the Work and/or additions to individual shots (collectively, “Additional Work”), at Producer’s request, Company shall supply Producer with a written budget summary within forty-eight (48) hours for such Additional Work promptly following receipt of storyboards, along with the proposed work schedule for the Additional Work (“Additional Work Bid”). If Producer approves the Additional Work Bid, Company shall commence the Additional Work. Company understands and agrees that any additional (i.e., over the agreed-upon budget) charges incurred after Producer and Company have agreed in good faith on the Additional Work Bid shall be borne solely by Company.
Additions. DIR may add Service Levels in accordance with this Section 8.1 and by providing written notice in accordance with Section 4. Service Level commitments associated with added Service Levels will be computed as follows:
Additions. If a Subscriber or Dependent becomes eligible under the Group's Coverage during the billing period, the Subscriber or Dependent is added on the first day of the next billing period following the date he or she becomes eligible for Coverage. Subscribers are not added during the billing period, unless they become eligible for Coverage due to a Qualifying Event.
Additions. The Hirer will not provide any additional decoration or furnishings to the Glasshouse unless the same shall have been previously approved by Glasshouse Management and the Hirer shall immediately after the agreed use (or if agreed immediately after a series of events or performances) remove all such additional decoration or furnishings;