A2 Certificates Sample Clauses

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  • Class PO Certificates Private Certificates...................... Class B-3, Class B-4 and Class B-5 Certificates. Rating Agencies........................... S&P and Moody's. Regular Certificates...................... All Classes of Certificates, other than the Residual Certificates. Residual Certificates..................... Class A-R Certificates. Scheduled Principal Classes............... None.

  • Senior Certificates Class 1-A-1, Class 1-A-2, Class 1-A-3, Class 1-A-4, Class 1-A-5, Class 1-A-6, Class 1-A-7, Class 1-A-R, Class 2-A-1, Class 2-A-2, Class 2-A-3, Class 2-A-4, Class 2-A-5, Class 2-A-6, Class 2-A-7, Class 3-A-1, Class 3-A-2, Class 3-A-3, Class 3-A-4, Class 3-A-5, Class 3-A-6 and Class 3-A-7 Certificates.

  • Other Certificates Any other certificates of approval, acceptance or compliance required by Lender from any Governmental Authority having jurisdiction over the Mortgaged Property and the Repairs.

  • Class R Certificates Subordinated Certificates.... Class M-1, Class M-2, Class M-3, Class B-1, Class B-2, Class B-3 and Class B-4 Certificates.

  • Certificate No 2-A-6-[__] Cut-off Date: October 1, 2002 First Distribution Date: November 25, 2002 Last Scheduled Distribution Date: December 25, 2032 Pass-Through Rate: 6.000% Initial Certificate Principal Balance of this Certificate $[______] ("Denomination"): Initial Certificate Principal Balances of all Certificates $7,600,000 of this Class: CUSIP: 55265K MK 2 MORTGAGE ASSET SECURITIZATION TRANSACTIONS, INC. MASTR ASSET SECURITIZATION TRUST 2002-7 Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2002-7 Class 2-A-6 evidencing a percentage interest in the distributions allocable to the Certificates of the above-referenced Class with respect to a Trust Fund consisting primarily of three pools of conventional mortgage loans (the "Mortgage Loans") secured by first liens on one- to four-family residential properties Mortgage Asset Securitization Transactions, Inc., as Depositor Principal in respect of this Certificate is distributable monthly as set forth herein. Accordingly, the Certificate Principal Balance at any time may be less than the Certificate Principal Balance as set forth herein. This Certificate does not evidence an obligation of, or an interest in, and is not guaranteed by the Depositor, the Servicer or the Trustee referred to below or any of their respective affiliates. Neither this Certificate nor the Mortgage Loans are guaranteed or insured by any governmental agency or instrumentality. This certifies that _______________ is the registered owner of the Percentage Interest evidenced by this Certificate in certain monthly distributions with respect to a Trust Fund consisting primarily of the Mortgage Loans deposited by Mortgage Asset Securitization Transactions, Inc. (the "Depositor"). The Trust Fund was created pursuant to a Pooling and Servicing Agreement dated as of the Cut-off Date specified above (the "Agreement") among the Depositor, UBS Warburg Real Estate Securities Inc., as transferor (the "Transferor"), Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, N.A., as master servicer (the "Servicer"), xxx Xachovia Bank, National Association, as trustee (the "Trustee"). Distributions on this Certificate will be made primarily from collections on the Mortgage Loans in Loan Group 2 pursuant to the terms of the Agreement. To the extent not defined herein, the capitalized terms used herein have the meanings assigned in the Agreement. This Certificate is issued under and is subject to the terms, provisions and conditions of the Agreement, to which Agreement the Holder of this Certificate by virtue of the acceptance hereof assents and by which such Holder is bound. Reference is hereby made to the further provisions of this Certificate set forth on the reverse hereof, which further provisions shall for all purposes have the same effect as if set forth at this place. This Certificate shall not be entitled to any benefit under the Agreement or be valid for any purpose unless manually countersigned by an authorized signatory of the Trustee.

  • Membership Certificates The Company may issue a certificate to the Member to evidence the Interest in the Company. The Member or any manager or officer of the Company authorized by the Member may execute such certificate on behalf of the Company.

  • LIBOR Certificates The Class 1-A-1, Class 2-A-1, Class 2-A-2, Class 2-A-3, Class 2-A-4, Class X-0, Xxxxx X-0, Class M-3, Class M-4, Class M-5, Class M-6, Class M-7, Class M-8, Class B-1, Class B-2, Class B-3 and Class R Certificates. Notional Amount Certificates The Class A-IO-S and Class X Certificates. Offered Certificates All Classes of Certificates other than the Private Certificates. Private Certificates The Class B-3, Class A-IO-S, Class P and Class X Certificates. Physical Certificates The Class A-IO-S, Class P, Class R and Class X Certificates. Rating Agencies Xxxxx’x, S&P, Fitch and DBRS. Regular Certificates All Classes of Certificates other than the Class R and Class A-IO-S Certificates. Residual Certificates The Class R Certificates. Senior Certificates The Class A, Class A-IO and Class R Certificates. Subordinate Certificates The Class M-1, Class M-2, Class M-3, Class M-4, Class M-5, Class M-6, Class M-7, Class M-8, Class B-1, Class B-2, Class B-3 and Class X Certificates.

  • Additional Certificates The Company shall have furnished to the Agents such certificate or certificates, in addition to those specifically mentioned herein, as the Agents may have reasonably requested as to the accuracy and completeness at each Representation Date of any statement in the Registration Statement or the Prospectuses or any documents filed under the Exchange Act and Canadian Securities Laws and deemed to be incorporated by reference into the Prospectuses, as to the accuracy at such Representation Date of the representations and warranties of the Company herein, as to the performance by the Company of its obligations hereunder, or as to the fulfillment of the conditions concurrent and precedent to the obligations hereunder of the Agents.

  • Form of the Certificates (a) The Certificates shall be substantially in the form of Exhibit A. The Certificates shall represent the entire beneficial interest in the Trust. The Certificates shall be executed on behalf of the Trust by manual or facsimile signature of a Responsible Officer of the Owner Trustee. Certificates bearing the manual or facsimile signatures of individuals who were, at the time when such signatures shall have been affixed, authorized to sign on behalf of the Trust, shall be duly issued, fully paid and non-assessable beneficial interests in the Trust, notwithstanding that such individuals or any of them shall have ceased to be so authorized prior to the authentication and delivery of such Certificates or did not hold such offices at the date of authentication and delivery of such Certificates.

  • Required Certificates Where the Employer requires an employee to be qualified to perform first aid duties, or required to hold certificates or licences, the cost of renewing the required certificate(s) will be borne by the Employer. Time spent at the course for certificates will be considered time worked and will be compensated at the appropriate rate of pay. This does not include the renewal of a Class 5 Driver's License.