Intellectual Property in MSAs

Mike Whelan
Chief Community Officer

Master Service Agreements support long-term relationships, but they also manage an exchange of ideas.

Does your standard MSA address each side’s intellectual property rights smartly?

Our webinar, “Intellectual Property in MSAs,” is a chance for you to weigh your IP protection language against examples from the Law Insider library.

This session features regular contributor Marcia Narine Weldon. As director of the Transactional Skills Program at the University of Miami School of Law, she helps students and practitioners evaluate and improve contract language.

Mike Whelan, Chief Community Officer at Law Insider, will provide Professor Weldon with examples of IP language from multiple contracts. See how she grades and strengthens IP-related clauses from real-world Master Service Agreements.

This webinar covers questions like:

  •   What language honors the intent of a deal in terms of assignment of ownership?
  •   How can you avoid mingling issues with third-party and pre-existing IP rights?
  •   What representation and warranty language will separate out IP that’s not in dispute?
  •   Are indemnification clauses effective against IP infringement in long-term engagements?
  •   How do you keep properly-assigned ideas confidential during and after a project?

Don’t let your client’s ideas slip away, and don’t undermine important relationships with expensive litigation.

Sort out your IP protections in Master Service Agreements by watching the webinar today.

(Webinar Slides) Intellectual Property in MSAs

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Mike Whelan
Chief Community Officer

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