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Nintendo Switch End User License Agreement (EULA)

Attorney Akash Kashyap tears down the Nintendo Switch End User License Agreement (EULA).

Covid-era Master Services Agreement for Biotech

During ContractsCon 2023, Shavon Smith joined Mike Whelan live to tear down a biotechnology firm’s Master Services Agreement. MSAs are flexible agreements for chaotic times. See how this MSA helped a biotech firm during the Covid shutdown.

How ChatGPT changes the goals of OpenAI’s Terms of Service

Foster Sayers joins the Teardown to critique OpenAI's Terms of Service and how they apply to ChatGPT. Does the company's shift from businesses to consumers change how it drafts contracts? According to Sayers, perhaps it should.

How to Choose Arbitration Language Consistent with the Relationship

In this episode of the Contract Teardown show, guest Diana Isyanova shares three possible approaches. She argues that the relationship between the parties should dictate options, then the parties themselves should make informed choices. Watch to see how three transactions handled alternative dispute resolution options.

Practical Drafting Tips for the Rookie Contract Lawyer

Contract drafting is a mixture of art and skill.  Effective contract drafting is concise, precise, and unambiguous.  Instead of the persuasiveness of a legal brief, contract drafting is a matter-of-fact memorialization of the parties’ understandings.

Some Insight on Force Majeure in Israeli Contract Law

The Israeli legal system, like many of its counterparts around the globe, is struggling to wrap its head around the legal implications of the COVID-19 crisis.