Patrick O'Malley

Patrick O'Malley

Business Lawyer

Patrick O'Malley has been a business attorney of one sort or another for about 20 years. He has also been a business executive, running the world's first incubator for cannabis businesses. Now he teaches MBA students and likes to turn an academic lens towards his legal work. He can be reached at

Expertise: Real Estate, Law, Management

Location: Denver, Colorado

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Good, Bad, and Ugly Non Disclosure Agreements

Patrick O' Malley, a business attorney, and executive for over 26 years, discusses three non-disclosure agreements: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Patrick has seen many NDAs and has a strong opinion on them, having run the world's first incubator and being involved in a cannabis business. Here, he walks through what a good NDA looks like, and shows some examples of laughably bad ones.