Nancy Delain

Nancy Delain

Patent Attorney

I came late in life to the law; I graduated from law school on the same weekend as my 25th college class reunion. Before becoming a lawyer, I spent about 20 years as a technical writer and editor in the fast-paced software industry ... documenting invention for the end users. Thus, becoming a patent lawyer ... documenting invention for the protection of that invention ... was a natural progression. Thus, I went to law school to learn to concentrate in IP, and I've been concentrating in IP ... both hard and soft ... (as well as business law) ever since. I've been practicing law since I was admitted in NY in Jan. 2004. I'm also admitted to the Northern District of NY, to the US Courts of Appeals for the Second and Federal Circuits, to SCOTUS, and to the US Patent & Trademark Office.

Expertise: Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Legal Writing, Copyright Law, Licensing

Location: Albany, New York

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