Mike Carlson

Mike Carlson

Template Specialist

Mike Carlson has worked for the Minnesota State Bar Association for over 6 years as an attorney editor and recruitment director. Most recently, he has become Lawyaw's template specialist. He has helped to improve connections between Minnesota attorneys, worked on document and workflow automations, and run his own practice focusing on copyright and trademark law. He has reviewed and drafted a wide variety of business agreements including franchise, licensing, lease, asset-purchase and others. He can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter (@MikeRCarlson).

Expertise: Contract Automation

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Covid and Commercial Real Estate Leases

Commercial real estate leases are usually dull, uninteresting documents - until now. Because of COVID, a large percentage of the workforce works from home and may not be heading back to the office anytime soon. Landlords are losing some negotiating power, and Attorney Mike Carlson uses a Westport Park Lease to show contract drafters what areas to look for when drafting future leases.