Martin Clausen

Martin Clausen

Managing Director @ Syngrato

Unique combination of commercial, technical, legal and creative problem solving skills. Tenacious, disciplined and outspoken. Passionate about leveraging technology as a foundation for strategic possibilities and advantage. Cross disciplinary mindset built-in.

Expertise: Commercial Law

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

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Escrow London LTD’s SaaS Escrow Agreement

Software escrow companies are in the business of protecting parties involved in software licenses. As a neutral third party, they hold things like source code, data, and documentation. They can release it to the business owner according to the terms of the SaaS Escrow Agreement.  Attorney and tech founder Martin Clausen tears down Escrow London LTD’s SaaS Escrow Agreement. He shows why attorneys should only draft these documents if they have a deep understanding of the technical details of how software works. As he points out, this is usually not the case.

Oracle Software License and Services Agreement

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a sales pitch that promises one thing but delivers something very different. Oracle’s software license agreement is a document that has made more than one lawyer feel misled. Oracle offers many solutions, but their agreement needs an overhaul. Attorney Martin Clausen argued that it has many loopholes and flaws which give Oracle the power to bully users into handing over extra fees and risking major business disruptions.

SaaS Escrow Agreement

In this episode, attorney and tech founder Martin Clausen digs into a SaaS Escrow Agreement from Escrow London Limited.

Oracle Software License and Services Agreement

Join us for this episode of Contract Teardown from Law Insider.