Lisa Wilcox

Lisa Wilcox


After graduating from Stetson Law, Lisa Renee became a legal entrepreneur by helping herself and other students curb their student loans. Finally, she took on the biggest fight of her life by taking down a subsidiary of Enron. Lisa Renee has now expanded her practice by training new lawyers and case managers in her same winning techniques. She can be reached at or found on her website

Expertise: Injury, Contract, Consumer Law

Location: St Petersburg, Florida

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Dispute Resolution Clauses 

All long standing business relationships eventually have conflicts and disagreements. Dispute resolution clauses are designed to bring the parties back together, if possible, and avoid the expense, time, and business damage of fighting it out publicly in court. Florida attorney Lisa Renee Wilcox tears down the dispute resolutions section of a trademark and license agreement. She shows how proper contract drafting of this clause is beneficial for both sides and can often help bring the parties back together.