Josef Mitkevicius

Josef Mitkevicius


Josef Mitkevicius was trained at Georgetown University Law Center. He then went on to work in New York City, Washington, DC and Mexico City prior to returning to his hometown of Pensacola, FL. He has handled thousands of criminal cases.

Expertise: Criminal Defense Law

Location: Pensacola, FL

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Waste Management's Terms and Conditions

Waste Management is the industry leader in collecting and disposing of waste. With 21 million customers, they make $15 billion in annual revenue and rank number 202 in the Fortune 1000. Unfortunately, one of the ways they generate their billions is with a one-sided Terms and Conditions agreement that often has their smaller customers unknowingly paying two to ten more than the market rate. Attorney Josef Mitkevicius shows the inner workings of this adhesion contract and explains how smaller companies can use well-drafted and fair contracts as a tactical advantage.