Giselle Ayala

Giselle Ayala


As an entrepreneur herself and an immigrant, Giselle knows precisely how to counsel clients and serve them with excellence. Giselle Ayala Mateus was born in 1991 in Bogotá – Colombia. Her mother is a district attorney in Colombia. Her father is a retired Colombian attorney and community health worker with Planned Parenthood in New York City. After finishing law school in Colombia and being admitted to practice law in this country, Giselle came to the United States to complete a Masters of Laws with the Brooklyn Law School. While being a single mom law school student in the U.S., Giselle completed her studies and a Business Law specialization. As part of her legal education in the U.S., Giselle worked with Good Counsel Services; a nonprofit organization focused on educating and empowering nonprofits and social entrepreneurs.

Expertise: Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Legal Research

Location: New York, New York

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Leveraging the Power of Contracts for Influencers

An endorsement agreement is executed between someone who has an audience and the ability to influence consumer behavior and a company looking to promote its products. Platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram have allowed influencers to emerge and use their following to promote products.