Farva Jafri

Farva Jafri

Lawyer, Entrepreneur

Farva Jafri is a few things: a lawyer, an alternative home-builder, but most importantly, a zealous advocate for her clients. She has owned and operated legal funding, tech and real estate businesses. Jafri is also a visiting professor of business at universities. She can be reached on LinkedIn or through email at

Expertise: Tax Law, Contracts

Location: New York, NY

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Uber’s Terms of Use: Arbitration Clause

Uber’s terms of use is an intriguing and unique document that deeply explores facets of arbitration which other companies usually don’t address. Having worked with numerous tech companies, Farva Jafri, a contracts lawyer from New York, tears down the arbitration section in this terms of use. She explains how drafters can create functional documents by balancing the need for user-friendly terms and a comprehensive document that doesn't miss the details. She tells us both, the backstory of Uber’s terms of use and how it shaped their drafting developments.