Bob Tarantino

Bob Tarantino

Lawyer, Dentons

Bob Tarantino is Counsel at Dentons Canada LLP, in the Media and Entertainment Group. He focuses his practice on the interface between the entertainment industries and intellectual property law.

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How Changing Contract Language Can Undermine the Business

What happens when a surprisingly beloved contract gets redrafted? In this special Teardown episode, three experts and gaming enthusiasts explain why Wizards of the Coast attempted to stiffen their Open Gaming License and how it threatened their business.

Wizards of the Coast Open Game License

Did Dungeons and Dragons change the copyright world? Most companies use copyright licenses to strictly control the reproduction of intellectual property; the makers of Dungeons & Dragons went another way. Through the Open Game License, Wizards of the Coast created a community and a new standard for content-based licensing that contract professionals can learn from.