XXXX definition

XXXX means the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 as now or hereafter amended.
XXXX means the Colorado Open Records Act, §§24-72-200.1, et. seq., C.R.S.

Examples of XXXX in a sentence

  • Unless the Sublicense Agreement has been assigned to XXXX, then the royalty report submitted by Vertex under this Section 5.4.7 will satisfy Vertex’s obligations under both this Section 5.4.7 and Section 6.3.7 of the Sublicense Agreement.

  • The Parties agree that this Agreement and the Sublicense Agreement will always be assigned together to the same assignee; provided, however, that upon termination of the XXXX Agreement, the Sublicense Agreement may be assigned to XXXX pursuant to Section 8.6(a) of the XXXX Agreement.

  • Subject to XXXX’x rights under the XXXX Agreement, [***] will determine which relevant patents will be extended (including by filing supplementary protection certificates and any other extensions that are now or in the future become available); provided, however, that any decision to [***] prior to assignment of this Agreement to XXXX will require the prior written approval of [***], which may be withheld in [***]’s sole discretion.

  • ISIN / FISN / CFI Code XS2591803841 / as referenced on the Association of National Numbering Agencies (“XXXX”) website / as referenced on the XXXX website.

  • FIRST AMENDMENT TO CREDIT AGREEMENT CHAR1\1892749v6 Schedule 7.01 Existing Debt Intercompany Loans (the “Intercompany Loans”): Lender: Borrower: Loan Currency Principal Outstanding Balance as of Xxxxx 00, 0000 XXXX Xxxxxxxxxxxx x.x.x. XXX Xxxxxxx LLC EUR 700,000.00 CVG Global s.a x.x. PEKM Kabeltechnik s.r.o. EUR 2,610,969.56 CVG Global S.a.r.l. KAB Seating Limited GBP 1,627,020.00 CVG Global S.a.r.l. Commercial Vehicle Group (Thailand) Company Limited THB 15,000,000.00 MISSION PRODUCE, INC.

More Definitions of XXXX

XXXX has the meaning set forth in the preamble.
XXXX means this end user licence agreement, including any amendments to this end user licence agreement from time to time;
XXXX means the ‘Commission pour la Régulation de l’Electricité et du Gaz’ as referred to in the Gas Act.
XXXX means any trademark, service xxxx, trade name, domain name, and the like, or other word, name, symbol or device, or any combination thereof, used or intended to be used by a Person to identify and distinguish the products or services of that Person from the products or services of others and to indicate the source of such goods or services, including without limitation all registrations and applications therefor throughout the world and all common law and other rights therein throughout the world.
XXXX means this Land Use Restriction Agreement, as it may from time to time be amended, for Huntsville Village, an 80-unit multifamily rental housing development. This Land Use Restriction Agreement is executed by and between the GLO and Developer and sets forth certain occupancy and rental restrictions, as contained herein, for the Project.
XXXX means the Land Use Planning Ordinance No. 15 of 1985, (Western Cape) as amended, and includes any superseding legislation or sub-ordinate legislation;