World Championship definition

World Championship means Tournament among the top Teams from each Region at the end of each year based on placement in the World League.
World Championship means the World Professional Snooker Championship;
World Championship means the World Professional Snooker ChampionshipWSL” means World Snooker Limited

Examples of World Championship in a sentence

  • After the Bureau meeting in April and before the Bureau meeting in December the following decisions were taken by the Bureau and need to be recorded on the minutes.- The CIAM Bureau approved the 2018 FAI F1D World Championship in USA and the bulletin 1.- The CIAM Bureau approved the 2018 FAI F3A Asian Oceanic Championship in Philippines and the bulletin 1.- The CIAM Bureau has approved Judges and Jury changes for 2017 FAI F3CN WCh in Poland and for 2017 FAI F3A WCh in Argentina.

  • The IMAC World Championship has been announced and the F3 Aerobatic subcommittee chairman and the CIAM President were contacted by the IMAC European Coordinator.

  • If I may make a suggestion, just give it a try next year! Constantine Ananiadis, (USA, Group D) about the World Amateur Chess Championship Rhodes 2014 „I was fortunate enough to have the chance to partici- pate in the 2014 ACO World Championship in Rhodes, Greece and I can easily say that it was the best organi- zed event I have ever participated in! The organizers made sure every detail was taken care of and made the players feel very special.

  • The goal once again was the Mediterranean island of Kos and the ACO World Championship, which is held for the 6th time and is constantly enjoying increasing demand.

  • For Olympic Winter Games and World Championship events, the Start Referee and Finish Referee are appointed by the FIS as voting members of the Jury.

  • After a question to the FAI sponsor DHL to carry a box from Germany to Argentina, the cost was around 7.000 €.F3A S/C chairman did a survey with the costs paid by the F3A competitors of the last World Championship in Argentina.

  • Proposal 16-01 Conditions for the Optimist World Championship from the Executive Committee regarding the title and the dates of the championship.

  • The first FAI Drone World Championship will be held in China, at Shenzhen, from the 1st to 4th of November 2018.

  • CIAM President mentioned that couple of years ago a proposal was adopted for how a World Championship status class may lose this, if no events are organised.

  • Carded members of the Canadian Disabled Alpine Ski Team who are permanent residents in one of the Provinces that are part of CWSAA.NOTE: ACCREDITED means the sports body that is representing Canada in Olympic, World Championship and World Cup Competitions.CWSAA PROVINCES include: British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan, The Northwest Territories and Manitoba.

More Definitions of World Championship

World Championship. Means a “World Competition” with teams of players taking part into Volleyball matches and, at which time, the winner is declaredWorld Champion”.

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  • Championship means the final series conducted at the completion of the Premiership in accordance with the Football NSW Rules and Regulations.

  • Customer relationship means a continuing relationship between a consumer and a licensee under which the licensee provides one or more insurance products or services to the consumer that are to be used primarily for personal, family or household purposes.

  • Relationship means any interest, service, employment, gift, or other benefit or relationship with an entity that would be prohibited by Title 5, Subtitle 5 of the State's Public Ethics Law if not disclosed and approved pursuant to this Policy and procedures adopted pursuant to it. "Relationship" includes any relationship of the spouse or other relative of an officer or employee if such relationship creates restrictions on the officer or employee under the conflict of interest provisions of the Ethics Law.

  • Intimate relationship means a relationship between spouses, former spouses, past or present unmarried couples, or persons who are both the parents of the same child regardless of whether the persons have been married or have lived together at any time.

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  • Dating relationship means frequent, intimate associations primarily characterized by the expectation of affectional involvement. Dating relationship does not include a casual relationship or an ordinary fraternization between 2 individuals in a business or social context.

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  • Branding means trademarks, service marks, domain names, logos, links, navigation and other indicators of origin.

  • Relationship Manager means the person or persons we may from time to time assign to assist you in relation to the services we provide under this Agreement;

  • Brand means the brand name set forth in the Addendum.

  • Games means the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games to be held in Birmingham, England between 28 July – 8 August 2022.

  • Internship means the practical, experiential, hands-on

  • Established business relationship means a relationship between a seller and a consumer based on:

  • Playground means a public outdoor recreation area for children, usually equipped with swings, slides, and other playground equipment, owned and/or managed by a city, county, state, or federal government.

  • Host means the computer equipment on which the Software is installed, which is owned and operated by SailPoint or its subcontractors.

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  • Business Relationship Strength for the purpose of this RFP shall mean the definition and commitment of the respondent towards a mutually successful “relationship” between the selected contractor and HCC for the duration of the contract. Respondent’s Statement of Qualification must include their definition, proposal and commitment to forge, foster and maintain a mutually successful “relationship” with HCC. At a minimum, your response must include:

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  • Between merchants means in any transaction with respect to which both parties are chargeable with the knowledge or skill of merchants.

  • Interscholastic Activities means athletic or non-athletic/academic activities where students compete on a school vs. school basis.