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Wildflower Meadow means a specialized habitat managed within a naturalized area, which is dominated by native species of flowers and grasses.
Wildflower Meadow means a habitat within a Naturalized Area that is dominated by native species of flowers and grasses.
Wildflower Meadow means a specialized habitat within a naturalized area, which is dominated by native species of flowers and grasses. The area would require periodic mowing (once or twice per year) in order to prevent the growth and establishment of woody shrubs and trees;

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  • This By-law does not apply to a Wildflower Meadow or Naturalized Area provided that those areas are managed in accordance with the Weed Control Act, R.S.O 1990, c.

  • Wildflower Meadow Programme 2022It had been agreed with Chris Walmsley, Streetscene Services Manager (Chorley Borough Council) to establish a single 50 metre long, two-metre-wide wildflower strip the side of the path from Derian House drive entrance to near the lay-bye on Euxton Lane with access to the field at each end, at an estimated cost of £170.

  • Making Hay on Wildflower Meadow in Open SpaceInvolvement of Local Communities in decisions and activities relating to the maintenance and development of their local open spaces and parks.The guidelines for Biodiversity and Growing Places Initiative are as follows: • Some of the intensively maintained amenity grassland and species poor grassland shall be turned into wildflower meadows and cut once a year.

  • Wildflower Meadow DeliveredThe wildflower meadow was established using pregrown meadow turf.

  • In the second and subsequent years the Wildflower Meadow areas will require a summer ‘hay cut’ in combination with autumn and possibly spring mowing.

  • Members to receive an update on the proposed creation of a Wildflower Meadow on Ely Common, Ely.

  • Minute 21.22: Committee agreed to accept the quotation from P J Grace for reinstating the Wildflower Meadow in the sum of £2,410 + VAT.

  • Deadline for consultee comments is mid-February.c. Tenders for Cemetery, Green Mowing & Wildflower Meadow have been considered by Maintenance Committee and approval is sought from Full Councild.

  • The Board is entitled to impose any conditions as it deems appropriate with respect to the entitlement of the Selected Participant to the Awarded Shares.Pursuant to the scheme rules, the total number of Shares, whether they are new shares or old shares purchased on-market by the Trustee, underlying all grants made pursuant to the New Share Award Scheme shall not exceed 10% of the total number of issued shares as at the Adoption Date.

  • CASE STUDY Wildflower Meadow Creation A number of wildflower meadows have been created in parks across Perth and Kinross using seed collected from Angus and the east of Scotland.

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