Welded Party definition

Welded Party means the person named as a welded party in a valid and subsisting ICA.
Welded Party means the person named as a welded party in a valid and subsisting ICA and, in respect of a notional Welded Point without an ICA, “Welded Party” means MDL.

Examples of Welded Party in a sentence

  • MDL may change the Technical Configuration Requirements set out in Schedule 5 by giving not less than 12 months prior written notice to each Shipper and Welded Party and, accordingly, section 29 shall not apply to any such changes.

  • MDL shall amend “validated” variables from time to time if it becomes aware that such data is materially inaccurate, provided that MDL must give each affected Welded Party and Shipper notice of any such changes as soon as practicable and such notice shall include a reason for the change and shall include a replacement invoice or, in the case of overcharges, credit note (whether changes occur before or after the original invoices that relate to the period have been paid).

  • Not later than 6 Business Days prior to the start of each Month, each Shipper will give to MDL its updated Shipper Rolling Forecast (which, in the case of a TP Welded Party, acting in its capacity as a Shipper under its TSA, may exclude Balancing Gas).

  • Subject to section 26.2, MDL shall allow that Welded Party to be present for any such demonstration.

  • Each Welded Party through whose Welded Point Balancing Gas flowed or will flow on a Transmission Day may advise MDL before the end of that Transmission Day whether it confirms the proposed amendment to a Scheduled Quantity as the result of a Nominated Quantity for Balancing Gas made in accordance with section 8.17.

  • Each Shipper and Welded Party must maintain the information systems set out in Schedule 5 (as amended from time to time) in order to access the MDL IX.

  • MDL shall exercise its rights under section 17.9(a) promptly upon receipt of a reasonable written request to do so from a Welded Party through whose Welded Point gas from the relevant Direct Injecting Party may flow.

  • If approval is not given by both MDL and the Welded Party, the request for the Intra- Day Nomination will be of no effect.

  • Where MDL or a Welded Party disconnects a Welded Point under section 5.3 or 5.4, MDL shall give the Welded Party, or the Welded Party shall give MDL, as appropriate, notice of the disconnection as soon as reasonably practicable.

  • Maui Pipeline Pressure 2.18 Each Welded Party injecting Gas at a Welded Point must inject Gas against the prevailing pressure in the Maui Pipeline at that Welded Point.

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