Warrant definition

Warrant means this Warrant and all Warrants issued in exchange, transfer or replacement thereof.
Warrant means this Warrant, issued pursuant to the Purchase Agreement.
Warrant means this Warrant and all warrants issued upon division or combination of, or in substitution for, this Warrant.

Examples of Warrant in a sentence

Upon any such transfer, a new Warrant representing an equal aggregate number of Warrants shall be issued and the old Warrant shall be cancelled by the Warrant Agent.

In the event the person whose facsimile signature has been placed upon any Warrant shall have ceased to serve in the capacity in which such person signed the Warrant before such Warrant is issued, it may be issued with the same effect as if he or she had not ceased to be such at the date of issuance.

The Company hereby appoints the Warrant Agent to act as agent for the Company for the Warrants, and the Warrant Agent hereby accepts such appointment and agrees to perform the same in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

If the office of the Warrant Agent becomes vacant by resignation or incapacity to act or otherwise, the Company shall appoint in writing a successor Warrant Agent in place of the Warrant Agent.

If any Warrant is lost, stolen, mutilated, or destroyed, the Company and the Warrant Agent may on such terms as to indemnity or otherwise as they may in their discretion impose (which shall, in the case of a mutilated Warrant, include the surrender thereof), issue a new Warrant of like denomination, tenor, and date as the Warrant so lost, stolen, mutilated, or destroyed.

More Definitions of Warrant

Warrant means this Warrant.
Warrant means this Warrant and any warrant(s) delivered in substitution or exchange therefor, as provided herein.
Warrant means the warrant evidenced by this certificate, any similar certificate issued in connection with the Offering, or any certificate obtained upon transfer or partial exercise of the Warrant evidenced by any such certificate.
Warrant means an order issued by a court authorizing law enforcement officers to take physical custody of a child.
Warrant means this Warrant and all additional or new warrants issued upon division or combination of, or in substitution for, this Warrant. All such additional or new warrants shall at all times be identical as to terms and conditions and date, except as to the number of shares of Common Stock for which they may be exercised.
Warrant means this Warrant and any subsequent Warrant issued pursuant to the terms of this Warrant.
Warrant means a warrant of an issuer distributed under a TSX Venture exchange offering document that entitles the holder to acquire a listed security or a portion of a listed security of the same issuer.