Wagering definition

Wagering all cash bets that the Player has risked in a game.
Wagering means wagering on the results of jai alai,

Examples of Wagering in a sentence

  • The licensing authority shall not impose or vary a condition, or redefine the area of the licensed premises or approve an alteration to the premises, in relation to a casino liquor licence which has been granted unless the Gaming and Wagering Commission has been informed of the nature of the application and its proposed effect, has made known its recommendations, and consents to the proposed determination of the licensing authority.

  • Section 4•5 Sports Wagering PolicySports wagering includes placing, accepting or soliciting a wager (on a staff member’s or student-athlete’s own behalf or on the behalf of others) of any type with any individual or organization on any intercollegiate, amateur or professional team or contest.

  • Certain licences not transferable (1) A casino liquor licence is not capable of being transferred without the consent of the Gaming and Wagering Commission.

  • The permitted hours under a casino liquor licence are as permitted by the Gaming and Wagering Commission by notice in writing given to the licensee.

  • Subject to this Act the licensee of a casino liquor licence is, during permitted hours, authorised to sell liquor for consumption on the premises at the casino, or at other premises within the casino complex concerned or adjacent to that complex, within such one or more defined areas as may from time to time be approved by the Gaming and Wagering Commission.

  • The Gaming and Wagering Commission is to lodge a copy of a notice under subsection (1) with the Director.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, this does not include the disclosure of accounts that Relevant Persons may hold with Wagering Service Providers.

  • Policy means this Competition Manipulation and Sport Wagering Policy.

  • The provisions of this Schedule shall apply only to Racing & Wagering Western Australia (“RWWA”) and its employees.

  • Casino liquor licence not removable without authority A casino liquor licence is not capable of being removed without the consent of the Gaming and Wagering Commission, and a licence of any class granted in respect of premises that were at the time of the grant comprised within or adjacent to a casino complex shall not be removed to premises that are not within or adjacent to that complex as at the date of the application for removal.

Related to Wagering

  • Wager means a sum of money, electronic promotional credits or thing of value risked on an uncertain occurrence. Credit and debit cards cannot be used to place a wager in a limited gaming activity. Eff 11/30/2006, Amended 1/14/2012, Amended 7/1/13

  • Lottery means the Virginia Lottery.

  • Streaming means the transmission of a digital file containing audio-visual content from a remote source for viewing concurrently with its transmission, which file, except for temporary caching or buffering of a portion thereof (but in no event the entire file), may not be stored or retained for viewing at a later time (i.e., no leave-behind copy – no playable copy as a result of the stream – resides on the receiving device).

  • Gambling means risking any money, credit, deposit, or other thing of value for gain contingent in whole or in part upon lot, chance, the operation of a gambling device, or the happening or outcome of an event, including a sporting event, over which the person taking a risk has no control, but does not include:

  • Games means the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games to be held in Birmingham, England between 28 July – 8 August 2022.

  • Gaming or “Gaming Activities” means the conduct of gaming and gambling activities, race books and sports pools, or the use of gaming devices, equipment and supplies in the operation of a casino, simulcasting facility, card club or other enterprise, including slot machines, gaming tables, cards, dice, gaming chips, player tracking systems, cashless wagering systems, mobile gaming systems, online real money gaming, poker tournaments, inter-casino linked systems and related and associated equipment, supplies and systems.

  • Bingo means a specific game of chance played with (i) individual cards having randomly numbered

  • Video means simulated movement created by the display of a series of images creating the illusion of continuous movement.

  • Video programming means programming provided by, or generally considered comparable to programming provided by, a television broadcast station.

  • Teller s check” means a draft drawn by a bank on another bank, or payable at or through a bank.

  • rebroadcasting means the simultaneous broadcasting by one broadcasting organisation of the broadcast of another broadcasting organisation.

  • Casino means a casino regulated by this state under the Michigan gaming control and revenue act, 1996 IL 1, MCL 432.201 to 432.226, a casino at which gaming is conducted under the Indian gaming regulatory act, Public Law 100-497, 102 Stat 2467, or property associated or affiliated with the operation of either type of casino described in this subdivision, including, but not limited to, a parking lot, hotel, or motel.

  • Game has the meaning ascribed to that term in the Control Act;

  • Tour means a tour or journey package offered or provided by Us.

  • Programming means the process of organisation, decision-making and allocation of financial resources in several stages, with the involvement of partners in accordance with Article 5, intended to implement, on a multi-annual basis, joint action by the Union and the Member States to achieve the objectives of the Union strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth;

  • Retail marijuana store means an entity licensed to purchase marijuana from marijuana cultivation facilities and marijuana and marijuana products from marijuana product manufacturing facilities and to sell marijuana and marijuana products to consumers.

  • Adult bookstore means an establishment having as its stock in trade, for sale, rent, lease, inspection or viewing, books, films, video cassettes, magazines or other periodicals which are distinguished or characterized by their emphasis on matters depicting, describing or relating to "specific sexual activities" or "specified anatomical areas" as defined below, and in conjunction therewith have facilities for the presentation of adult entertainment, as defined below, including adult-oriented films, movies or live performances, for observation by patrons therein.

  • Alcoholic beverages means beverages that are suitable for human consumption and contain one-half of one percent or more of alcohol by volume.

  • Alcoholic beverage means a beverage that:

  • Networking means NSCC’s system that allows mutual funds and life insurance companies to exchange account level information electronically; and “Settling Bank” shall mean the entity appointed by the Trust or you, as applicable, to perform such settlement services on behalf of the Trust and you, as applicable, which entity agrees to abide by NSCC’s then current rules and procedures insofar as they relate to same day funds settlement. In all cases, processing and settlement of share transactions shall be done in a manner consistent with applicable law.

  • Tournament means a competition for the playing of Poker, which is restricted to persons who have completed an entry form and have paid the prescribed entry fee;

  • Campfire means a small outdoor fire intended for recreation or cooking not including a fire intended for disposal of waste wood or refuse.

  • Channels means the satellite television channels listed in Annexure B attached to this Agreement.

  • Store means any retail store (which may include any real property, fixtures, equipment, inventory and other property related thereto) operated, or to be operated, by any Loan Party.

  • Television Channel means Zee Group Channel, which has been granted permission for downlinking by the Central Government under the policy guidelines issued or amended by it from time to time and reference to the term ‘channel’ shall be construed as a reference to “television channel”

  • Network means the hotels, inns, conference centers, timeshare properties and other operations that Hilton Worldwide and its subsidiaries own, license, lease, operate or manage now or in the future.