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Voting residence means that place of residence of an elector which shall determine the precinct in which the elector may vote.
Voting residence means that place of residence of an elector which shall determine the precinct in which the elector may vote.” R.C. 3501.01(P). The board argues that because O’Neill was registered to vote in Geauga County when she executed her first declarations of candidacy, her parentshome was her true voting residence. The board has it backward: where a person resides determines where they may register and vote; where the person is registered to vote does not determine where they reside. R.C. 3503.02. The board’s conclusion would have required O’Neill to state that her voting residence was a location where she did not reside and to which she did not intend to return. This was an abuse of discretion.
Voting residence means that place of residence of an

Examples of Voting residence in a sentence

  • Residence for voting purposes Voting residence is governed by the following provisions.

  • County of Name of voter Voting residence (street and number, if any) City (or town) of ______ Ward Assembly District ______ Election District Party Enrollment (in case of primary election) IMPORTANT TO MILITARY VOTER: YOU MUST SIGN THE AFFIRMATION ON THIS ENVELOPE.

  • Registrars no longer need to perform two checks before sending a Notice of Confirmation of Voting residence on the basis of a canvass (but Registrars may, if they wish, perform a second check).

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  • Voting residence requires an intention that the place claimed be intended to be the residence.

  • Voting residence of 61 or more mile radius of the work location may, with prior approval, receive one (1) day8.

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  • Voting Shares means the Common Shares and any other shares in the capital of the Corporation entitled to vote generally in the election of all directors.

  • Voting Units means (a) the Common Units and (b) any other Units other than Units that by their express terms do not entitle the record holder thereof to vote on any matter presented to the Members generally under this Agreement for approval; provided that (i) no vote by Voting Units shall have the power to override any action taken by the Manager or to remove or replace the Manager, (ii) the Voting Units have no ability to take part in the conduct or control of the Company’s business and (iii) notwithstanding any vote by Voting Units hereunder, the Manager shall retain exclusive management power over the business and affairs of the Company in accordance with Section 6.01(a).

  • Voting Stock of any Person as of any date means the Capital Stock of such Person that is at the time entitled to vote in the election of the Board of Directors of such Person.

  • Voting Interests means shares of capital stock issued by a corporation, or equivalent Equity Interests in any other Person, the holders of which are ordinarily, in the absence of contingencies, entitled to vote for the election of directors (or persons performing similar functions) of such Person, even if the right so to vote has been suspended by the happening of such a contingency.

  • Voting Member means a Member holding one or more Voting Shares.