VMD definition

VMD means Variable Messaging Display digital boards displaying various information in digital format on LED screen.

Examples of VMD in a sentence

  • Humphrey W, Dalke A, Schulten K (1996) VMD: Visual molecular dynamics.

  • Humphrey W, Dalke A, Schulten K (1996) VMD: visual molecular dynamics.

  • Newcomer, V.M.D., M.S.DirectorLaboratory Animal Medicine University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NCGwenn S.F. Oki, M.P.H.DirectorResearch Subjects Protection City of Hope/Beckman Research InstituteDuarte, CAChristine M.

  • Coarse droplets in the 300 to 500 (VMD) micron range have a lower drift potential.Applications are typically to be made with the nozzle release point at 8 to 15 feet above the top of the target plants unless a greater height is required for aircraft safety.The distance of the outermost nozzles on the boom must not exceed 75 percent of the length of the wingspan or rotor.

  • Coarse droplets in the 300 to 500 (VMD) micron range are recommended.Applications should typically be made with the nozzle release point at 8 to 15 feet above the top of the target plants unless a greater height is required for aircraft safety.

  • Humphrey, W.; Dalke, A.; Schulten, K., VMD: visual molecular dynamics.

  • In cases where the court disagrees with the appropriation, the court must submit financial situation to the State Supreme Court Administrator.

  • Pessimistic stronghold see latent symptoms in the form of political overlapping, among others in the form of fraud from the organizers and the existence of a game of money politics from contestants who accompany the implementation of regional head election.

  • Coarse droplets in the 300 to 500 (VMD) micron range are recommended.

  • Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, a Participant shall not receive a VMD concurrently with the Participant’s required minimum distributions paid in accordance with subsection 9.1(c).

Related to VMD

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