Visual marker definition

Visual marker means a stationary pole or other apparatus that indicates a boundary of a facility’s operational area and which can be viewed from the area delineated.

Examples of Visual marker in a sentence

  • However, a larger number of bits and more complex internal structure also requires a higher resolution to correctly detect the marker.(a) Coordinate system: X-right, Y-up and Z-forward.(b) Border and inner part.Figure 5: Visual marker composition and reference system [41].In our work, marker detection is achieved using the ArUco library [39], which, in turn, relies on OpenCV [42].

  • Visual marker [24] Each of the markers is assigned special virtual objects: Welcome (“Willkommen”) triggers a short video on the library.

  • Visual marker fabric use areas will be measured in-place to the nearest square foot during the post construction walkthrough.

  • Table 1: Owner’s requirements for sign spacing Posted Speed50 km/h70 km/hD (Lane width)3.65 m3.65 mL (Taper length)75 m150 mE (Visual marker spacing - Lanes)10 m10 mE (Visual marker spacing – Tapers)5 m5 mEb (Spacing of chevrons in 75m tapers)10 m10 mEb (Spacing of chevrons in 150m tapers)20 m20 mEc (Spacing of visual markers for contraflow lane)10 m10 mB (Sign spacing)75 m125 m6. When lanes closures are in effect, acceleration and deceleration lanes shall be provided.

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  • Stock Market means, with respect to any security, the principal national securities exchange on which such security is listed or admitted to trading or, if such security is not listed or admitted to trading on any national securities exchange, shall mean The Nasdaq National Market System (“NNM”) or The Nasdaq SmallCap Market (“SCM” and, together with NNM, “Nasdaq”) or, if such security is not quoted on Nasdaq, shall mean the OTC Bulletin Board or, if such security is not quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board, shall mean the over-the-counter market as furnished by any NASD member firm selected from time to time by the Corporation for that purpose.

  • OTC means Over-the-Counter.

  • Portal has the meaning set forth in Section 3.6(b)(iii).

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