Valid driver definition

Valid driver s license” means any regular and current legal license not subject to revocation or suspension.
Valid driver s license or permit" means a license or permit issued by the Secretary of State that is of the proper classification for the purposes for which it is being used and that has not expired, been invalidated, denied, canceled, revoked, suspended or disqualified, or been used after a curfew or nighttime driving restriction. (See 92 Ill. Adm. Code 1030.1.) For purposes of this Part, a restricted driver's license will not be considered a valid driver's license, and a temporary visitor's license will be considered a valid driver's license.
Valid driver s license” means a current license issued by the State or local office authorized to license individuals for the operation of motor vehicles.

Examples of Valid driver in a sentence

  • Valid driver license or ID card bearing applicant's photograph issued by a lawful presence state.

  • Copies of Valid driver license and Badge to be submitted at the time of commencement of work to M&S/ Transport.

  • Vehicle RC book, insurance, vehicle fitness certificate, Valid driver license provision are in the scope of contractor.

  • Must have HS Diploma or GED.2. Must possess a Valid driver license.

  • CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS: Valid driver license Subclass Code: Michigan Appraisal license NOTE: Civil Service approval of this position does not constitute agreement with or acceptance of the desirable qualifications for this position.

  • Valid driver license and at least state required minimum of automobile insurance, clear DMV driving record and ability to provide own transportation.

  • Valid driver license at the time of and duration of appointment, ability to travel, and work a flexible schedule is required.

  • Valid driver licenses, in the possession of nonresident operators of motor vehicles, that were issued by another state, territory or possession of the United States, or by the United States Government for driving motor vehicles owned or leased by the United States, or by another country under the international convention of road traffic of 1949, are valid in this state for purposes of operating motor vehicles in this state, subject to Chapters 316, 322 and 324, F.S., and rules adopted pursuant thereto.

  • Extensive knowledge of complex appraisal problems, market studies, appraisals, and appraisal reviews on complex parcels.CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS: Valid driver licenseSubclass Code: Michigan Appraisal license NOTE: Civil Service approval does not constitute agreement with or acceptance of the desired qualifications of this position.

  • Copies of Valid driver license and Badge to be submitted at the time of commencement of work to M&S/ Transport.c) Driver should wear neat white uniform and shoes during the duty hours.d) Driver should avoid casual dress and footwear.e) Driver should have mobile hand set in good working condition.

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Valid driver s license” means a driver’s license recognized by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles which has not expired, been suspended, revoked or canceled.

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