United Sates definition

United Sates means United States of America.
United Sates means the United States of America;

Examples of United Sates in a sentence

  • Contract clauses required by the United Sates Government in such circumstances are incorporated herein by reference.

  • If mailed, such notice shall be deemed to be delivered when deposited in the United Sates mail so addressed, with postage thereon prepaid.

  • The Town of Groton and any vendor awarded this project shall comply with the regulations of the United Sates Department of Transportation (Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 21), issued in implementation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 78 Statute 252, 42 United States code 2000d to 2000d-4.

  • Before undertaking performance of any contract involving animal-related activities where the species is regulated by the United Sates Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Contractor shall register with the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States in accordance with 7 U.S.C. 2136 and 9 CFR 2.25 through 2.28.

  • Pursuant to the Act, any future losses to ICI Mutual caused by certified “acts of terrorism” may be partially reimbursed by the United Sates government under a formula established by the Act.

  • The student group "limited English proficient (LEP) students" includes recently arrived students who have attended schools in the United Sates for fewer than 12 months.

  • So that Buyer is able to comply with the requirements of this clause, Seller notify Buyer if it will perform any part of this contract outside the United States and Canada that (1) exceeds $500,000 in value and (2) could be performed inside the United Sates or Canada.

  • In accordance with these statutes, the School is authorized to invest in United Sates and State of Ohio bonds, notes, and other obligations; bank certificates of deposit and STAR Ohio.

  • Contractor warrants and represents that neither Contractor nor any party acting on behalf of Contractor has violated the antitrust laws of the United Sates or of the State of Texas.

  • The Comptroller General of the United Sates for audit and examination authorized by law.

Related to United Sates

  • United States means the United States of America.

  • United means United Airlines, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and its successors and assigns.

  • States means the States of Guernsey,

  • Armed forces of the United States means the army, navy, air force, coast guard, or marine corps of the United States or a reserve unit of one of those branches of the armed forces.

  • United States Forces Korea (USFK) means the subordinate unified command through which US forces would be sent to the Combined Forces Command fighting components.

  • Department of Transportation means the United States Department of Transportation and any agency or instrumentality of the United States government succeeding to its functions.

  • Waters of the United States means all waters as defined by 40 CFR 122.2 and as otherwise specified by applicable laws and regulations.

  • Citizen of the United States has the meaning specified for such term in Section 40102(a)(15) of Title 49 of the United States Code or any similar legislation of the United States enacted in substitution or replacement therefor.

  • Outside the United States means a location outside the geographic boundaries of the United States, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, and any territory, insular possession, or other location subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.

  • Health Canada means the section of the Canadian Government known as Health Canada and includes, among other departments, the Therapeutic Products Directorate and the Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate;

  • Postal service means the United States postal service.

  • Foreign Air Carrier means any air carrier which is not a U.S. Air Carrier and which performs maintenance, preventative maintenance and inspections for the Aircraft, Airframe and/or any Engine or engine to standards which are approved by, or which are substantially equivalent to those required by, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom, the Direction Generale de l'Aviation Civile of the French Republic, the Luftfahrt Bundesamt of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Rijflauchtraatdienst of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Ministry of Transportation of Japan or the Federal Ministry of Transport of Canada (and any agency or instrumentality of the applicable government succeeding to the functions of any of the foregoing entities).

  • foreign vessel means any vessel other than a coastal vessel.

  • Provincial Government means the Government of a Province of Pakistan;

  • Receptacle means a containment vessel for receiving and holding substances or articles, including any means of closing. This definition does not apply to shells (see also "Cryogenic receptacle", "Inner receptacle", "Pressure receptacle", "Rigid inner receptacle" and "Gas cartridge");

  • Coastal zone means the area comprising coastal public property, the coastal protection zone, coastal access land, coastal protected areas, the seashore and coastal waters, and includes any aspect of the environment on, in, under and above such area;

  • Coastal vessel means any vessel exclusively employed in trading between any port or place in India to any other port or place in India having a valid coastal license issued by the competent authority.

  • postal services means services consisting of the clearance, sorting, routing and delivery of postal items. This shall include both services falling within as well as services falling outside the scope of the universal service set up in conformity with Directive 97/67/EC;

  • United States of America means the United States of America.

  • Health carrier or “carrier” means an entity subject to the insurance laws and regulations of this state, or subject to the jurisdiction of the commissioner, that contracts or offers to contract to provide, deliver, arrange for, pay for or reimburse any of the costs of health care services, including a sickness and accident insurance company, managed care organization, health maintenance organization, a nonprofit hospital or medical service corporation, or any other entity providing a plan of health insurance, health benefits or health care services.

  • Territories means territories, including territorial waters;

  • United States Citizen shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.02.

  • Department of Defense (DoD) means the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and defense agencies. "Foreign-flag vessel" means any vessel that is not a U.S.-flag vessel.

  • Foreign government means any jurisdiction other than the one embraced within the United States, its territories, and its possessions.

  • Local unit of government means a county, township, city, or village.

  • Coastal high hazard area means a Special Flood Hazard Area extending from offshore to the inland limit of a primary frontal dune along an open coast and any other area subject to high velocity wave action from storms or seismic sources. The area is designated on a FIRM, or other adopted flood map as determined in Article 3, Section B of this ordinance, as Zone VE.