Unauthorized Construction definition

Unauthorized Construction means the erection or re-erection, addition or alternation which is not approved or sanctioned by the Authority;
Unauthorized Construction means any building that has been constructed in violation of the sanctioned building plan or without obtaining a building permission from the sanctioning authority.
Unauthorized Construction means any construction which has been carried out before the 28th day of February, 2014, in the State, without obtaining sanad, permission/licence, no objection certificate or any other document from the Competent Authorities under the relevant Acts.

Examples of Unauthorized Construction in a sentence

  • If the Competent authority deems the construction of any building to be an Unauthorized Construction, it shall, by a written notice require the person undertaking construction of the building to stop the same forthwith.

  • As provided in the Act, undertaking an Un-authorized Construction is a cognizable offence to which the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 shall apply, and the Owner undertaking such construction may face prosecution(s) under provisions of the J and K Municipal Authority Act, 2000, J and K Development Act, 1970, J and K Town Planning Act, 1963, J and K Municipal Act, 2000.

  • Installations that have not been reviewed and approved by FS and FPDC and ITC prior to installation represent Unauthorized Construction Work and are subject to all the corrective actions noted herein.

  • The costs of such activities will be charged to the department responsible for the Unauthorized Construction Work.

  • Internal Control: Except for the special sanctions noted previously, any such activity that is not initiated through a facilities operations department following the policy outlined herein will be considered Unauthorized Construction Work.

  • Unauthorized Construction Work often violates statutes, standards, policies, regulations and codes, and often results in hazardous situations during execution or in the future.

  • If, for any reason, the unauthorized work must be removed, the appropriate facilities operations department(s)/ITC will proceed with that action and the resulting cost will be charged to the department responsible for the Unauthorized Construction Work.

  • If it is determined that a CBA provision has been violated, the department that implemented the Unauthorized Construction Work shall participate in settlement negotiations with FS and the applicable bargaining unit, if requested by FS, and shall bear the full costs of any negotiated settlement.

  • If a record must be made of any such work and building drawings must be revised to reflect same, the appropriate facilities operations department’s)/ITC will do so and the cost for such records will be charged to the department responsible for the Unauthorized Construction Work.

  • The connection of devices to one another in a laboratory setting is covered by these provisions only if one or more of the devices is connected or will be connected to the MSU telecommunications system, or if their interconnection would violate building codes or involve Unauthorized Construction Work as discussed herein.

More Definitions of Unauthorized Construction

Unauthorized Construction means construction undertaken in contravention to the approved plan and without any approval/sanction of the Competent Authority.
Unauthorized Construction means any structure constructed for the purpose of house, outhouse, stable, cowshed, pig sty, privy, urinal or any other type of shed or side wall and include a protective wall, fence of any type etc. in any Government or private land within the notified area or road reserve without permission from the Urban Development and Housing Department;
Unauthorized Construction means any improvement or alteration to the condominium parcel or ancillary parcel appurtenant to such condominium parcel, any improvement or alteration to the common elements, any parceling or subdivision of the land parcel where the Condominium Property or Semi condominium Property is constructed, the erection or re-erection of sub structures and the construction of works on the land parcel, where the Condominium Property or Semi Condominium Property is constructed, carrying out of building, engineering and other operations on over or under such land parcel, or any change in the use for which the land parcel or any building or any structure thereof is used, without a valid permit from the authority who have been empowered by law to approve the building plan, or contrary to any term or condition set out in the permit issued in respect of the building plan approved for the relevant Condominium Property or semi Condominium Property ; .

Related to Unauthorized Construction

  • Commenced Construction means (a) all of the following site preparation work is completed: ingress and egress routes exist; the site on which the Project will be located is cleared and graded; there is power service to the site; footings are prepared; and foundations have been poured consistent with purchased equipment specifications and project design; or (b) the following financial commitments have been made: (i) (A) an engineering, procurement, and construction contract (“EPC”) has been executed by all parties and is effective; or (B) contracts (collectively, “EPC Equivalents”) for all of the following have been executed by all parties and is effective: (1) project engineering, (2) procurement of all major equipment, and (3) construction of the Project, and (ii) the cumulative payments made by the Developer under the EPC or EPC Equivalents to the counterparties to those respective agreements is equal to at least thirty (30) percent of the total costs of the EPC or EPC Equivalents.

  • The constructional plant means all appliances, tools, plants or machinery or whatsoever nature required in or about the execution, completion or maintenance of the works but does not include materials or other things intended to form part of the permanent work.

  • New construction means, for the purposes of determining insurance rates, structures for which the "start of construction" commenced on or after the effective date of an initial FIRM or after December 31, 1974, whichever is later, and includes any subsequent improvements to such structures. For floodplain management purposes, "new construction" means structures for which the "start of construction" commenced on or after the effective date of the floodplain management regulations adopted by a community and includes any subsequent improvements to such structures.

  • Existing construction means any structure for which the "start of construction" commenced before the effective date of the initial floodplain management code or ordinance adopted by the community as a basis for that community's participation in the NFIP.

  • Completion of Construction means the date, as determined by the Division after consultation with the Recipient, that the work of building and erection of the Project is substantially complete.

  • Construction materials means any tangible personal property that will be

  • Original construction ’ shall mean the first or initial construction

  • Cost of Construction means the total cost to Owner of those portions of the entire Project designed or specified by the Design Professional. Cost of Construction does not include the Design Professional's compensation and expenses and Owner's expenses associated with the Project or the cost of other services to be provided by others to the Owner.

  • Commencement of Construction means the commencement of construction of foundation components or elements (such as footings, rafts or piles) for the home.

  • Residential construction means construction on single-family or two-family dwellings occupied or used, or intended to be occupied or used, primarily for residential purposes, and includes real property pursuant to chapter 499B.

  • Construction material means an article, material, or supply brought to the construction site by the Contractor or a subcontractor for incorporation into the building or work. The term also includes an item brought to the site preassembled from articles, materials, or supplies. However, emergency life safety systems, such as emergency lighting, fire alarm, and audio evacuation systems, that are discrete systems incorporated into a public building or work and that are produced as complete systems, are evaluated as a single and distinct construction material regardless of when or how the individual parts or components of those systems are delivered to the construction site. Materials purchased directly by the Government are supplies, not construction material.

  • Foreign construction material means a construction material other than a domestic construction material.

  • Commence Construction means that an owner or operator has either undertaken a continuous program of construction or has entered into a contractual obligation to undertake and complete, within a reasonable time, a continuous program of construction.

  • Direct Construction Cost means the sum of the amounts that the Construction Manager actually and necessarily incurs for General Conditions Costs, Cost of the Work and Construction Manager’s Contingency during the Construction Phase as allowed by this Agreement. Direct Construction Cost does not include Pre-Construction Phase Fees or Construction Phase Fees.

  • Building construction means any physical activity on the site involved in the erection of a structure, cladding, external finish, formwork, fixture, fitting of service installation and the unloading of plant, machinery, materials or the like.

  • Pipeline Construction means a substantial disturbance to agricultural land associated with installation, replacement, removal, operation or maintenance of a pipeline, but shall not include work performed during an emergency. Emergency means a condition where there is clear and immediate danger to life or health, or essential services, or a potentially significant loss of property. When the emergency condition ends, pipeline construction will be in accordance with these rules.

  • Erection, construction, remodeling, repairing means all types of work done on a particular building or work at the site thereof in the construction or development of the project, including without limitation, erecting, construction, remodeling, repairing, altering, painting, and decorating, the transporting of materials and supplies to or from the building or work done by the employees of the Contractor, Subcontractor, or Agent thereof, and the manufacturing or furnishing of

  • Start of construction means the date the development permit was issued, provided the actual start of construction, repair, reconstruction, or improvement was within 180 days of the permit date. The actual start means the first placement of permanent construction of the structure such as the pouring of slabs or footings, installation of piles, construction of columns, or any work beyond the stage of excavation, and includes the placement of a manufactured home on a foundation. (Permanent construction does not include initial land preparation, such as clearing, grading and filling; nor does it include the installation of streets and/or walkways; nor does it include excavation for a basement, footings, piers or foundations or the erection of temporary forms; nor does it include the installation on the property of buildings appurtenant to the permitted structure, such as garages or sheds not occupied as dwelling units or part of the main structure. (NOTE: accessory structures are NOT exempt from any ordinance requirements) For a substantial improvement, the actual start of construction means the first alteration of any wall, ceiling, floor, or other structural part of a building, whether or not that alteration affects the external dimensions of the building.

  • Estimated Construction Cost or “ECC” means the amount calculated by Contractor for the total cost of all elements of the Work based on this Agreement available at the time(s) that the ECC is prepared. The ECC shall be based on current market rates with reasonable allowance for overhead, profit and price escalation and shall include and consider, without limitation, all alternates and contingencies, designed and specified by A/E and the cost of labor and materials necessary for installation of Owner furnished equipment. The ECC shall include all the cost elements included in the AACC, as defined above, and shall represent Contractor’s best current estimate of the Guaranteed Maximum Price it will propose for the Project based on the information then available. The ECC shall not include Contractor’s Pre-Construction Phase Fee, A/E’s Fees, the cost of the land and rights-of-way, or any other costs that are the direct responsibility of Owner.

  • Means and Methods of Construction means the labor, materials, temporary structures, tools, plant, and construction equipment, and the manner and time of their use, necessary to accomplish the result intended by this Contract.

  • Constructional Plant means all appliances or things whatever nature required in or about the execution, completion or maintenance of the works or temporary works (as hereinafter defined) but does not include materials or other things intended to form or forming part of the permanent work or temporary housing, hutting, office, stores, etc.,

  • Needs Improvement the Educator’s performance on a standard or overall is below the requirements of a standard or overall, but is not considered to be unsatisfactory at this time. Improvement is necessary and expected.  Unsatisfactory: the Educator’s performance on a standard or overall has not significantly improved following a rating of needs improvement, or the Educator’s performance is consistently below the requirements of a standard or overall and is considered inadequate, or both.

  • Access Application means an application for Access Rights as described in section 3.7;

  • Land disturbing construction activity means any man-made alteration of the land surface resulting in a change in the topography or existing vegetative or non-vegetative soil cover, that may result in runoff and lead to an increase in soil erosion and movement of sediment into waters of the state. Land disturbing construction activity includes clearing and grubbing, demolition, excavating, pit trench dewatering, filling and grading activities.

  • Acquisition and Construction Fund means the fund so designated in, and created pursuant to, Section 502 hereof.

  • Construction activity means any clearing, grading or excavation associated with large construction activity or associated with small construction activity.