TY definition

TY is the Test Yield;
TY means the City of Toronto,
TY eat.'rs; ._;·',3:.:�Ye-a"!'r.s'.

Examples of TY in a sentence

  • T.Y., X.L.C., M.W., and Z.H.H. con- structed the phylogenetic tree.

  • The programmed sustainment cost… is $24B [billion] in FY2020 and rises to $30B [billion in FY2024 in TY$ [then-year dollars].

  • When the battle force inventory reaches 355 in FY2034, [the] estimated cost to sustain that fleet will approach$40B (TY$), 32% higher than in FY2024.

  • A NHA TT A N C O M M UNI TY B O A R D 3 5 9 Ea s t 4 t h S tr ee t - Ne w Y ork , NY 10003 P hone ( 212 ) 533 - 5300 ‌w w w .

  • A NHA TT A N C O M M UNI TY B O A R D 3 5 9 Ea s t 4 t h S tr ee t - Ne w Y ork , NY 10003 P hone ( 212 ) 533 - 5300 - F ax ( 212 ) 533 - 3659 ‌w w w .

  • Compliance with these guidelines for trading in the Company’s securities does not absolve that individual from complying with the law, which must be the overriding consideration when trading in the Company’s securities.S C H E D U LE 1 0 – D I V E R S I TY P O L I C Y 1.

  • The aim of the process is to develop an accurate SOTR before the commencement of the Training Year (TY).

  • Wills-Karp M, Luyimbazi J, Xu X, Schofield B, Neben TY, Karp CL, Donaldson DD.

  • Flenady V, Middleton P, Smith GC, Duke W, Erwich JJ, Khong TY, et al.

  • As LIQUIDI- TY does not follow a fixed timeframe and can match the relevant participati- on rate, it trades at times that it considers optimal and pauses trading at un- favourable times.

More Definitions of TY

TY means Ty Inc., a Delaware corporation.
TY. = means at the date of determination, the interest rate (expressed as a decimal and, in the case of United States Treasury bills, converted to a bond equivalent yield) determined to be the per annum rate equal to the quarterly yield to a maturity for United States Treasury securities maturing on the Average Life Date (as defined below) of the Notes and trading in the public securities markets either as determined by interpolation between the most recent weekly average yield to maturity for two series of United States Treasury securities trading in the public securities markets, (A) one maturing as close as possible to, but earlier than, the Average Life Date of the Notes and (B) the other maturing as close as possible, but later than, the Average Life Date of such Notes, in each case as published in the most recent H.15(519) (as defined below) or, if a weekly average yield to maturity for United States Treasury securities maturing on the Average Life Date of the Notes is reported in the most recent H.15(519), such weekly average yield to maturity as published in such H.15(519). The date of determination of a Make Whole Amount shall be the third Business Day prior to the date of the relevant redemption;
TY. XXXXXX (“Employee”) and VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS INCORPORATED (the “Company”) as of the Effective Date (as such term is defined in Section 12 below).

Related to TY

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