Treatment process definition

Treatment process means a specific technique that removes or destroys the organics in a wastewater or residual stream such as a steam stripping unit (steam stripper), thin-film evaporation unit, waste incinerator, biological treatment unit, or any other process applied to wastewater streams or residuals to comply with paragraph (D)(8) or (E) of rule 3745-21-16 of the Administrative Code. Most treatment processes are conducted in tanks. Treatment processes are a subset of waste management units.
Treatment process means a specific technique that removes or destroys the organics in a wastewater or residual stream, such as:
Treatment process means a specific technique that removes or destroys the

Examples of Treatment process in a sentence

  • Treatment process and maximum daily treated water production capacity.

  • Heat Treatment process sheet with temperature, types of processes involved and depth of treatment for the required items.

  • Cat C: (05) Assembly Drawing Capability to define reasonable Heat Treatment process, Ability to define surface treatment process where required.

  • Reinforcement for all concrete work shall be Mild Steel Deformed Bars of High Strength Deformed bars produced by Thermo mechanical Treatment process (TMT).

  • Treatment process and outcomes for managed care patients receiving new antidepressant prescriptions from psychiatrists and primary care physicians.

  • The Company has not been notified by any core connected persons (as defined in the Listing Rules) of the Company that they have a present intention to sell any Shares to the Company, or that they have undertaken not to sell any Shares held by them to the Company in the event that the granting of the Share Buy-back Mandate is approved by the Shareholders.

  • During that visit, ISR shall inspect, inter alia, the following: The Bidder's Manufacturing Plant, and the laboratories- the rail production, including the Heat Treatment process, quality control, quality assurance, loading and transporting the Rails, fulfilling its compliance with EN 13674-1 and the Technical specifications.

  • The Customer also undertakes to ensure that the notice is signed by the wholesaler, manufacturer or retailer acknowledging they understand the Treatment process to be undertaken or that will be undertaken.

  • The Crude Dehydration process shall ensure quality stipulation of 0.15% (w/w) or less BS&W content in the treated crude and the Effluent Treatment process shall ensure oil content of less than 10 ppm with NIL sludge content in the treated water.

  • Consideration will be given to such factors as the quantities of subject wastes in relation to flows and velocities in the sewers, materials of construction of the sewers, nature of the sewage Treatment process, capacity of the Treatment Plant, degree of treatability of wastes in the Treatment Plant and other pertinent factors.

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Treatment process means a combination of treatment unit processes and is also known as a treatment train.
Treatment process means a specific technique, usually conducted in a tank, that removes or destroys the VOC in a wastewater stream or affected residuals such as a steam stripping unit, thin-film evaporation unit, waste incinerator, biological treatment unit, or any other process applied to wastewater streams or affected residuals to comply with s. NR 419.045 (2) (f) or (3).
Treatment process means the process of impregnating wood with a wood preservative solution and subsequent fixation of the chemical in the wood either by air drying or an accelerated fixation process; and

Related to Treatment process

  • Treatment plan means a written agreement between the department and the parent or

  • Maltreatment means the neglect, abuse, or financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

  • Treatment zone means a soil area of the unsaturated zone of a land treatment unit within which hazardous constituents are degraded, transformed, or immobilized.

  • Treatment works means any devices and systems used in storage, treatment, recycling, and reclamation of municipal sewage and industrial wastes, of a liquid nature to implement section 201 of the Act, or necessary to recycle reuse water at the most economic cost over the estimated life of the works, including intercepting sewers, sewage collection systems, pumping, power and other equipment, and alterations thereof; elements essential to provide a reliable recycled supply such as standby treatment units and clear well facilities, and any works, including site acquisition of the land that will be an integral part of the treatment process or is used for ultimate disposal of residues resulting from such treatment.

  • Opioid treatment program means a detoxification or maintenance treatment program which is required to report patient identifying information to the central registry and which is located in the state.

  • Pretreatment means the reduction of the amount of pollutants, the elimination of pollutants, or the alteration of the nature of pollutant properties in wastewater prior to or in lieu of discharging or otherwise introducing such pollutants into a POTW.

  • Treatment means any method, technique, or process, including neutralization, designed to change the physical, chemical, or biological character or composition of any hazardous waste so as to neutralize such waste, or so as to recover energy or material resources from the waste, or so as to render such waste non-hazardous, or less hazardous; safer to transport, store, or dispose of; or amenable for recovery, amenable for storage, or reduced in volume.

  • Water treatment plant means that portion of the water supply system which in some way alters the physical, chemical, or bacteriological quality of the water.

  • Treatment team means the group of individuals who formulate, assess, monitor and revise, as needed, the child's service plan. The treatment team shall include, but is not limited to:

  • Wastewater Treatment Works means an arrangement of devices and structures for treating wastewater, industrial wastes, and sludge. Sometimes used as synonymous with "waste treatment plant" or "wastewater treatment plant" or "pollution control plant".

  • Treatment facility means an institution (or distinct part thereof) for the treatment of alcoholism or drug abuse, which meets fully every one of the following tests:

  • Non-Administrator Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facility means a Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facility that does not meet the definition of an Administrator Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facility.

  • Pretreatment coating means a coating which contains no more than 12% solids by weight, and at least 0.5% acid by weight, is used to provide surface etching, and is applied directly to metal surfaces to provide corrosion resistance, adhesion, and ease of stripping.