Definition of Tranche E Loan

Tranche E Loan means the loan made or to be made under Tranche E or the principal amount outstanding for the time being of such loan;

Examples of Tranche E Loan in a sentence

Approximately $1.8 million of the net proceeds were used to make payments to Siemens under the credit facility, including 50% against the Tranche D Loan and 50% against the Tranche E Loan.
On the Final Closing Date, AACI shall deposit into the Interest Reserve Account an amount equal to two months' interest on the Tranche E Loan.
Commitments will be automatically terminated on a dollar for dollar basis and Nextel agrees to use their best efforts in a good faith manner to locate such investor(s); ii) in the event any of the Borrowing Entities are able to increase the amount of funds available under the Credit Agreement above 905B, then for each dollar of additional loans greater than 905B, the Amended Vendor Agreement Tranche E Loan Commitment shall be reduced by a dollar.
In all cases, the amount to be held in the Interest Reserve Account pursuant to this Section 4 shall be calculated by applying the interest rate in effect on Eurodollar Loans (as defined in the Chemical Agreement) on such date to the principal balance of the Tranche E Loan as of the date of calculation.
In addition, AACI hereby agrees to pay to the Agent on or prior to the Final Closing Date all fees and expenses which have been incurred by the Agent as of such date in connection with the preparation, negotiation and the entering into of the Tranche E Loan and this Intercreditor Agreement, including, but not limited to, reasonable fees and expenses of counsel for the Agent.