Definition of Tower Subtenant Improvements

Tower Subtenant Improvements means any Improvements located at a Site that support, shelter, protect, enclose or provide power or back-up power to Tower Subtenant Communications Equipment other than a Tower. All utility connections that provide service to Tower Subtenant Communications Equipment shall be deemed Tower Subtenant Improvements.

Examples of Tower Subtenant Improvements in a sentence

If any one or more of (i) Tower Operator, any Tower Operator Indemnitee, any Tower Subtenant, any Tower Subtenant Group Member, any third party or any Force Majeure Event or (ii) Tower Operator Equipment, Tower Operator Improvements, Tower Subtenant Communications Equipment or Tower Subtenant Improvements are determined to be the cause or source of an Emergency, then Tower Operator shall be responsible and shall reimburse the Verizon Group Members for all costs and expenses related to such Emergency.