The Month definition

The Month means calendar month;
The Month means Calendar month.
The Month means a calendar month, and more specifically:

Examples of The Month in a sentence

  • The Month shall mean, English calendar month i.e. period of 30 days and week shall mean a period of 7 days.

  • The Month shall mean, English calendar month i.e. period of 31/30 days and week shall mean a period of 7 days.

  • The owner or tenant of any premises where a Permanent Underground Lawn Sprinkler System which on April 15, 1996, was equipped with a Time Clock which could not be set to automatically irrigate by the Day of the Week system may apply for an exemption from The Day of the Week system for so long as said Time Clock continues to be used, and may, instead, water on an Odd/Even Day of The Month System as set forth herein.

  • The [Month Day, Year] letter and its attachment can be found in Attachment X.

  • Nomination Month Month e.g. Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr etc., The Month to which the Forecast Options nominations in the file relate.

  • However, in order to adequately address the climate impacts of aviation during cruise, an approximation of the cruise NOX emissions can be made based on LTO NOX emissions, and this has been done in a number of studies.

  • The Month 4 (M4) position by expenditure category is summarised below: Annual BudgetCurrentMonth Variance The main driver of the M4 YTD deficit is the £2.2m YTD variance on shortfalls in savings delivery against the Delegated savings target of£14.5m.

  • Date – Headquarters will enter in the date, per the directions below: The Month should be for the month the DD Form 1391 is being submitted to OSD.

  • The Month and Year views enable you to see the different working time types at a high level.

  • Along with Babar, Australian women’s team wicketkeeper-batsman Alyssa Healy also bagged the ICC Women’s Player of The Month accolade for her incredible performances during the month of April.

Related to The Month

  • Month means calendar month.

  • Calendar Month means the period of time beginning on the numeric day in question in a calendar month and for Calendar Months thereafter, beginning on the earlier of (i) the same numeric day of the next calendar month or (ii) the last day of the next calendar month. Each Calendar Month shall end on the day immediately preceding the beginning of the next succeeding Calendar Month.

  • A month means a month according to Gregorian calendar.

  • Operating Month for a Shipper or Transferor means any calendar month in which Carrier either transports Crude Petroleum or recognizes and records a change in ownership of Crude Petroleum for the account of such Party. For purposes hereof the calendar month shall be deemed to begin at 7:00 a.m. (Central Time) on the first day of such month.

  • Average monthly discharge limitation means the highest allowable average of "daily discharges" over a calendar month, calculated as the sum of all "daily discharges" measured during a calendar month divided by the number of "daily discharges" measured during that month. Compliance with fecal coliform bacteria or E coli bacteria limitations shall be determined using the geometric mean.

  • Twelve-Month Period means a twelve-month period ending on the first anniversary of the Effective Date or on each subsequent anniversary thereof.

  • Billing Month is defined in Section 9.1(b).

  • Reference Month means the calendar month for which the level of the Inflation Index is reported as specified in the applicable Final Terms, regardless of when this information is published or announced, except that if the period for which the Relevant Level was reported is a period other than a month, the Reference Month shall be the period for which the Relevant Level is reported.

  • Prior Month Receipt Period With respect to each Distribution Date, the calendar month preceding the month in which such Distribution Date occurs.

  • Proration Month means the month for which capacity is to be allocated under Item 7.

  • Contract Month means a calendar month (or portion thereof) during the term of this Agreement. Contract Month 1 shall commence on the first day of the first calendar month following the Effective Date and end on the last day of that calendar month.

  • Ordinary time earnings means the salary, wage or other remuneration regularly received by the employee in respect of the time worked in ordinary hours and shall include shift work penalties, payments which are made for the purpose of District or Location Allowances or any other rate paid for all purposes of the award to which the employee is entitled for ordinary hours of work. Provided that "ordinary time earnings" shall not include any payment which is for vehicle allowances, fares or travelling time allowances (including payments made for travelling related to distant work), commission or bonus.

  • lump sum payment period means the period measured in weeks of salary, for which payment has been made to facilitate the transition to retirement or to other employment as a result of the implementation of various programs to reduce the size of the Public Service. The lump sum payment period does not include the period of severance pay, which is measured in a like manner.

  • Bill Due Date means thirty (30) calendar days from the bill date.

  • Fiscal Month means any of the monthly accounting periods of Borrower.

  • Unused Portion has the meaning assigned to that term in Section 2.09(a).

  • Current Period means the fiscal period in which a budget is prepared and adopted.

  • Core Earnings means the net income (loss), computed in accordance with GAAP, excluding (i) non-cash equity compensation expense, (ii) the Incentive Compensation, (iii) acquisition fees, (iv) financing fees, (v) depreciation and amortization, (vi) any unrealized gains or losses or other non-cash items that are included in net income for the applicable reporting period, regardless of whether such items are included in other comprehensive income or loss, or in net income, and (vii) one-time events pursuant to changes in GAAP and certain non-cash charges, in each case after discussions between the Manager and the Independent Directors and approved by a majority of the Independent Directors.

  • Base Earnings means base salary and wages payable by the Company or a Participating Subsidiary to an Eligible Employee, prior to pre-tax deductions for contributions to qualified or non-qualified (under the Code) benefit plans or arrangements, and excluding bonuses, incentives and overtime pay but including commissions.

  • Applicable Anniversary of the Commencement Date means the fifth (5th) anniversary of the Commencement Date.

  • Semi-Annual Period means each of: the period beginning on and including January 1 and ending on and including June 30; and the period beginning on and including July 1 and ending on and including December 31.

  • Rent Period means, with respect to the first Rent Period, the period that begins on the Commencement Date and ends on the last day of the calendar month preceding the month in which the first anniversary of the Commencement Date occurs; thereafter each succeeding Rent Period shall commence on the day following the end of the preceding Rent Period, and shall extend for 12 consecutive months.

  • A week means seven days without regard to the number of hours worked in any day in that week.

  • Working level month (WLM) means an exposure to 1 working level for 170 hours (2,000 working hours per year divided by 12 months per year is approximately equal to 170 hours per month).

  • Forecast Period means the period of three calendar months for which a Forecast is provided;

  • Week means seven consecutive days.