the Committee definition

the Committee means the Committee of Management of the Association referred to in rule 10 (1);
the Committee means the committee who has delegated decision
the Committee means the Judiciary Committee.

Examples of the Committee in a sentence

  • The Committee shall be as between the Employer and the Union, with equal representation, and with each party appointing its own representatives.

  • The Committee shall maintain minutes of all meetings and make the same available for review.

  • The Committee will have full access to all insurance bids as soon as they are submitted to the City.

  • The Committee does not have the authority to make decisions nor can it usurp the normal functioning of the grievance or collective bargaining process between the parties.

  • The Committee shall have the right to make recommendations to the Employer.

More Definitions of the Committee

the Committee means the East Kent Services Committee.
the Committee means the nomination and remuneration committee of the Company as constituted or reconstituted by the Board, in accordance with the Act and applicable listing agreements and/or regulations.
the Committee means the Licensing and Appeals Committee of the Council
the Committee means the Management Committee for The Club, duly elected for the time being in accordance with these Rules.
the Committee means the Committee of Management of the Union.
the Committee means the Dental Committee;
the Committee means the Licensing Committee or Licensing Sub Committee.