Definition of Term Loan Claim

Term Loan Claim means any Claim arising under or related to the Term Loan.

Examples of Term Loan Claim in a sentence

For example, an Allowed Class 1 Claim or Allowed Senior Secured Term Loan Claim is an Allowed Claim in the Senior Secured Term Loan Claims Class designated herein as Class 1.
Subject to the terms of the DIP Term Loan Agreement, in full and final satisfaction, settlement, release, and discharge of and in exchange for each DIP Term Loan Claim, on the Effective Date DIP Term Loan Claims shall convert into obligations of the Debtors under the New Term Loan A on a dollar for dollar basis.
On the Effective Date, each Holder of an Allowed Term Loan Claim shall receive, on account and in full satisfaction of its Allowed Term Loan Claim: (i) Cash in the amount of its pro rata share of the Term Loan Payment, and (ii) its pro rata share of the New Term Loan Facility.